Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sex drugs and force feedback

Sex in video games, not a new concept.  With old school titles like Leisure Suit Larry, and hot issues like tepid coffee, in San Andreas, what is new is conversation.  In a few recent Wired articles they have been discussing just that.  Sex.  

With an aging game culture there is more than a large market for suck content.  The problem is a lot of parents have not made the mental leap in regards to game that we just take for granted with other mediums.  Parent groups feel that if it is a game it is somehow implied it is ok for children to play.  The funny thing is 95% of the titles currently on the market are probably less for kids than they even know.  With violent games being the vast majority.  

I find it ironic that these same parents and politicians who villan-ize sex in a virtual world hardly bat an eye towards decapitation and beatings anymore.  That has become trivial.  

I can say as a parent I would much rather know my child (not now of course she is 3) is out loving rather than hating.  But in our culture it seems violence is the norm and sex is something much more taboo.  And outside of our culture this mentality only gets worse it seems (with a few exceptions to the world GO Netherlands!)

Cable TV can show a man being decapitated (and not even a fictional account of such) but a penis?  Hell no.  We would not want our children to be influenced by that said penis.  

This is completely backwards.  Bringing life into the world is dirtier then removing it?  I don’t understand.

So my point?  If I have one is this: Sex is good, Violence is bad,  do we need porn groups making games?  Absolutely not!  Porn masters are there to supply content quickly and cheaply continuously which leads to shitty product.  We need a tasteful touch of humanity put into a game.  And don’t be so afraid to say sex.  Woohoo (the sims2) makes sex sound juvenile and that’s ridiculous is that not what the parents want to stop?,70132-0.html?tw=rss.index

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

One pie is resist

I know I have been away for a while.  I am not to sure where I have been.  The thing is I have not had a lot to say.  The world is in a shitty state (we are all aware of that).  My mind has been on important home issues, and although I love to share all that is boring for most people and I have felt a lot more introverted lately.  I need to spend some time thinking making my mind clear before I can even think of writing any more here.  

Thank you for your understanding.   :)