Thursday, June 30, 2005

A quick exit leads to a hasty retreat. Meaning unheard. Thoughts a mess. Roaring through the darkened pathways of man, I see a form. Man dressed in silver, head a glow. Swerve left, avoidance. Many moments accumulate to one and tear from my mind to the back of my eyes. I feel the swell. The downpour is intense but short. Ends in sniffles. The lines of the road blur like the threads of reality. Sleep overcoming. Unsafe. Streetlights out on this block. Darkness hugs the gentle sleepers. The night breed out in full effect. Metropolis a mere shopping centre and a splash of neon. Light the sky with your gluttony. Turn home. Feelings diffused.

Eyes burn and nodding head fear for life.

Rolling the last strip with my eyes closed. It's ok I know this place.

Stumble to bed not unlike a common drunk. Drunk on sadness. Drunk on love.

Sleep comes easy now. Waking defines pain. Pain brings me inside. Nothing to give.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Resident evil.

Zombie dogs are cool.

I think I am going to get this done to my dog Blynk. But then I would have to name her, George.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Is it Tuesday? . . .

Box of light. A mixture of nature and artificial. A column of Electro-magnetic fields rising to the heavens. Trinkets and knick knacks collected in days gone by. Stained coffee mug and two spoons. Simple living arrangements. Nothing to give the person inside away. That happens in you incessant flow of bull shit that comes from between your teeth.

Dust. Layers of it. Desktop has the virtual equivalent. Files collected into folders like 'dESKTOP sTUFF' and 'jkghl'.

There must be a way to escape. You can't be frozen.


Monday, June 20, 2005


Three days ago my house was a cold place. Our deamon had vacated the lair, but the cold stench of darkness lingered. My 27th year was to bring with it new lightness, new possibilities, and new attitudes, so sK and I threw a celebration. Marked to be a tightening of a loose crowd. My friends, my family, and my loves coming together to bring peace to a tarnished household.

As the celebration grew and the guests arrived, I realized I was having a great time. Everyone else seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves and the party progressed. The night was beautiful and the fire was hot. The drinks poured and food was out. IN the end there were four of us. We raised the sun and brought in the new day with a salute and nod of the head.

Numb morning. Sleepless night. Best time ever. Thanks to all that came it was very special and has been stored to the memory banks. I will be at it again in a months time. PREPARE.

BTW expect to see some pictures this evening.

love yall.


Look at this shit!

I love this quote
""The Lord is just amazing," says Creation Scientist, Dr. Jonathan Edwards. "Whenever Atheist scientists make a new find, they think it will hack away at our Christian beliefs. They must get pretty peeved at how sneaky our Lord is, because whenever they unearth something, it only provides more support for the historical accuracy of the Holy Bible And these flying dinosaurs they keep finding are no exception!"

It truely sounds like an 8 year old wrote this.

Now I agree it is possible that time and space flucutions makes it hard to trust dating over a long period but come on. But come on this article has NO credibility and the "creation scientist" is bunk. Faith is not science.

Noah did not get two of every spiecies of animal. With or without "flying dinosaurs" and the help of a couple of men a task suckhas this would take decades. It is simply impossible. There are new species discovered everyday. Are we to think these people new the location of each of these? Give me a break. If you believe this bullshit then you are not at the top of the food chain and will be eaten.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Boom Goes the dynawont! (nod to sKerry)

This guy has a hell of a time saying just about anything. Truthfully he should have just started air guitaring the star wars theme".

Thankfully most people's moments such as these get forgotten in days. This poor chap is destined to spend a lot of time on pages such as these been laughed at, shamed, and otherwise hypothisized about till he comes out and does a real sports cast. But you know what? He won't ever work on that side of the camera again.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Agents and Vomit

Euphoria, to walk through the streets head spinning and cold sweats. Sucking the last Mentos dug from the depths of a unknown corner in a large bag. Sweat drips down your spine or is that collected rain water from you faded blue hair.

In a passing window friends exchange banter and sip their 8 dollar martinis a gleam from the cooler a Canada dry. You buy four, no three, 'Believe it or not it's all we have!'. A cool sip, solidifies my state. My stomach is through.

I look for a quiet corner. Pass man, after man, the same man aging. Yellow gloves, white outfit. Must be cleaning. Three more friendless men. A door. Just as I catch sight of the nook my esophagus gives. Stumble into my hiding spot, to become weak, vulnerable, like a child with no eyes.

I wretch for what seems like forever before finally stepping out into the cool and sweet air of the alley, casually noticing that my apparent 10 minute alley travel was a mere ten steps from civilization. "A pleasure to share that moment of my life with all of you."

Take the long way around to 'air out' the smell is overpowering. Probably just to me, my nosee coated with stomach fluid. I again sip my ginger noticing that I had clutched it close this whole time.

Return to the haven which is in a stir. 'Where did you go' to the waitee waiting seems frantic. "Digi walked to McDonalds to find you" McDonalds?

The ordeal explained the phone is rung and it seems a situation arose in my absence. Connection defaulted docking dismounted a frantic call for a ride. A few wrong turns and a couple moments later the ride resumes it's flow.

Another crisis averted, another just begun.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Leather face can still bum a ride, but I had a hard time when I was wet once.

I really only have one question. To the person who gave this guy a ride. Have you ever seen a horror movie or heard a campfire story?

"Hey Gertrude look at that nice man walking on the road to Canada. That blood stained chainsaw must be heavy. Lets give him a ride."
The story.

Friday, June 03, 2005

One of the scariest things I have ever heard.

Scientists say hormone makes people more trusting

Nipple-negating technology declares war on female breasts

The war is on, political correctness goes after really the only natural feature remaining on the average female performers body. I can not understand why having unaturally large breasts due to augmentation is ok but those darn nipples might offend.

You know what I am getting a nipple tattooed on my forhead. A big one! Maybe all perked up and erect. Censor that fuck face. Oh an I am sorry for the disturbing picture in the story it is not my fault. Lets get Leonard Decaprio to duct tape his nut sack back it has always offended me.
Nipple-negating technology declares war on female breasts

Thursday, June 02, 2005


This is an amazing article. Read it and listen. We are more powerful than ever.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Flight test

I am sitting here listening to “The flaming lips” and thinking about the concert. I have seen them a few times and really like them live.

The last time I saw them was at the Plaza of nations with my Ex girlfriend. The strange part is, my partner, was also there with her ex-boyfriend. For both of us it was our last "dates" (she would not call hers a date) with the respected people and both of us were looking around for whom really worked with us.

Is it possible that we saw each other? Checked each other out and in that casual and unnoticed handshake put in motion one of the greatest waves of single consciousness ever witnessed? Is it possible by having the same thing happen to us at the same time in two totally different mindsets had aligned us enough to make our meeting and our falling in love inevitable?

Both of us have claimed the night we met normally would have never happened. Up until that night I had never been to the location I met her. A friend of mine invited me down late to have a drink with him and his girl. Normally I would have refused to be a third wheel and hung up. But that day I was compelled. I joined them. Ad not long after I did I saw her. The girl of my dreams. The punk rock girl. There she was the woman who would have my baby. Little did I know she had already had my baby with another man (but I will get over that).

We spoke about everything and nothing. We danced to a favorite song. We kissed. We laughed. That is where love is born. Something called fate is in this story I just feel it.

Mexican volcano blows it's load!

An explosion shook a volcano in western Mexico Monday, sending a plume of ash and smoke 3 miles into the air and scattering hot rocks on its slopes. The Colima Volcano also shot rock fragments and burning gas down its slopes. - Large New Blast from Mexican Volcano