Friday, September 30, 2005

Ending it all

There is beginnings and ends. You come into this world magnificent but insignificant. You do not for at least your first five years put ANYTHING into society but joy. We all need to go out the same way we came in.


Return of the lappy

I am overjoyed. My clunker lappy is out with the dust off. For a year or so I have been unable to use her since her power supply failed. As I browsed the web with her for the last time and watched her battery meter drain I shed a tear or too. Your old girl, it will be painless, as her screen went black. Well after much surfing on the internet (ebay) I found a priced right power supply and out of chance that was the problem I purchased it. And in fact it was the problem. While type this I watch her life force returning 64% she says.

I apologize lappy for leaving you for dead but when you are talking of a ten year old lappy you can’t be spending much to keep her going.

Until death do us part.

Monday, September 26, 2005

A 9" night

Today is the big show.  I have been waiting for a couple years and now the master of industrial returns to Vancouver.

"With teeth," is Trent's 19th entry into his Halo body of work.  This album refreshed his direction.  The fragile found a more traditional musical style which in my opinion revolutionized his sound.  Now he rings in with a album that pushes that envelope wide and brings back a familiar feel to his new style.  

So I wait in anticipation to see the new show.  He is a great performer and it will undoubtedly be memorable.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

How to be a good spy

Spy 101
Ok so I have done my course.  I am a spy now.  I followed the instructions and collected all the necessary equipment.  Now I need a mission.  Where do you get spy missions?  Is there a phone number you can call.  I looked in all of my comic books and although there are ads for spy glasses, there is no missions.  

I am really discouraged by this.  

Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday Blues

Why do I do this to myself.  Why do I fear.  Why can't I just listen to the words I hear.  Where is the source of this innate insecurity.  When will I believe feelings of purity.

I stop and look around.  The house makes no sound.  The road outside vibrates with small minds.  Block rather pathetically with my venetian blinds.

I need to feel the warmth.  I need it last night.  Coldness shivers sickness.  There was no fight.  I fear what I don't hear.  And what I read makes me ill.  I wish there was a solution, but I am glad there is no pill.

Some silly words detailing my morning.

More later.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Our childrens minds are numbed.

The other night I was out on a walk with media samurai. We stopped in at the local 7-Eleven for a drink and munchies. While waiting in line we noticed these two young girls of 11 or so standing behind us. They were giggling as children should. They were buying candy and junk for their apparent last sleepover of the summer. Back to the books.

They began oogling. No, not us! A rack of small vials on the counter labeled simply "Power Shot". These tiny containers of multicolored fluid are situated as an impulse buy, not immediately or apparently marketed to children, until you see the small comparison graph on the front. It is detailing the caffeine content graphically comparing Cola, Jolt, Tea, and Coffee. This one ounce bottle had at least ten times the caffeine content as any of them.

The girls each grabbed their favorite color. They then proceeded to ask the sales clerk, "Do you have to 18 to buy these." Saying this implies their thought that there may be regulations regarding the use of such a product, so in turn showing there knowledge of possible harm. Since there was no regulation the sales lady says simply "No there isn't, I don't care, as long as you have money I will sell it to you."

Now, these girls where obviously going to use it as more of a mood enhancement product rather, then its (supposed) intended use (making you more alert). So being our nosey selves MS pipes in "Are you not concerned of what you are putting in you body?" And almost over this they said, "We don't care." with an embarrassed chuckle.

Right there three people actually uttered the words "I don't care" regarding their own or fellow mans health. I can honestly say I am angered they were able to purchase this product. Not because the product should not be. But because their behavior showed an interest in the possible legalities surrounding the purchase and therefore shows there disregard of common sense for a more, if I am ALLOWED to eat it, it must not be poison attitude.

Those children are heading to a world of High school where they will be offered all types of mood enhancers. There is no one there to say they are not allowed.

It is not a problem to consume various things, but to no CARE what it does to you, is a horrible place.Care in yourself and keep yourself safe. In the end you can really only count on Numero uno.

Then again, the circle continues.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

'Blynk' the involuntary response.

Originally uploaded by dragko.
Blynk, also known as Deloris-9 is really coming along as a great companion. Now that shit on the rug is no longer a daily experience and she is free to roam the house somewhat unsupervised, she has really started to show her personality. A fun loving little pup with a great spirit and a heart for play. She has her slow times and will now retire on her own to her 'den' a 2 by 3 cage with a little puppy bed inside.

Her and A have really become honest friends and our little family is beginning to fit together much better.

Spychmth, the alien cat, is still a asshole to her but they are a lot better together. So that said lets all go play.

Strawberry Fields.

This is my 3 year old little girl.

She is a superstar.

this is an audio post - click to play

Friday, September 09, 2005

Public display of infection

People want to belong.  That much we can be sure.  Occasionally, people find glee in their individuality.  Though I must say, even that creative use of the human experience is in it's own right, a stride to conform.

One day someone somewhere shaved their heads leaving only a small strip down the center of his head.  Then he spiked it up! So birthing the Mohawk, supposedly a monument to rebellion and individualism.  I saw three this morning on my way to work.

Each of those people who wore them had one thing in common.  The darty looks and forced swagger of a scared being.  These are not rebels, these are not individuals.  These people want to belong so much, to that norm, they try to laugh at it.

You teased the girl in school you liked the most.  You avoid the eyes of that passerby you feel attracted too, it is human nature to deny yourself of your dreams.  That allows you to be the victim.  The one in control in a world of chaos.

Stand up.  Straighten your clothes.  Take of that stupid  hat, and dance if you want to.

FFF - Latex Fetish

Todays's entry is a bit more risque.
Fetish fetish... who's got a fetish?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Maniacal laughter

I need to work on my maniacal laughter a bit.  You see I really want to take over the world but I have thought…  ‘What if I did take over the world, how could I show my face in public if I could not even have a horrendous chuckle about the whole thing.’  I mean picture it.  I am standing there atop my grand tower, on a podium fifty feet tall.  I pick up the mic and yell.  “The world is mine!” and then silence.  

Not very good is it.

Like I said I need to work on that.

Friday, September 02, 2005

FFF - Full frontal Friday's

This is my newest contribution to FFF.

This old house

I just recollected a past adventure. When I was around 16-17 I lived in a small Northern BC town called Fort St. John. I was out with friends doing what we did best, getting into mischief.

We had been up at one of our places of refuge, Fish Creek area. There was an old abandoned house that we had seen a number of times and commented it looked like a mass murderer lived there. We decided on this evening to investigate. We clambered under the rotten wooden and barbed wire fusion fence and trekked across the small field which the house resided on. The front porch was almost completely rotted through so carefully we climbed the steps and came to the front door. There was a pad lock holding the door shut. It turned out to be unlocked so we removed it and pushed the door open.

Inside the main entry was painted a bright sky blue which in contrast to the rotten wood outside was in pretty good shape. There in the doorway was a band saw. I laughed and joked that this was how the murderer cut his victims limbs off. But then my friend noticed a puddle of black or brown sticky goop. Right away our mind started to run. We moved into the Living area of the house to find what looked to be a couch or love seat constructed from old wood and leather. Our heads said" "skin". On the wall was a beautiful bronze sun that accented the still sky blue walls.

"These people have taste" I exclaimed.

We made our way towards the back of the house, there was a kitchen, or what was left of one. All the fixtures where bare having long since removed the sink and counters to replace them with other various power tools. Then it dawned on us since there are power tools ther must be power. Trying all the lights we found them all to be long since burnt out and with dusk approaching fast we needed to resort to flashlights. We continued towards the back where a door should have been but it appeared the current, or some past owner, had boarded them up. So we turned and started back towards the front. My light caught a crack in the wall and upon investigating a found a door. Opening it we saw it lead to the cellar. No one would go down. The stairs were short so I ventured down them. The floor was dirt and there were large puddles of water everywhere the walls were also dirt with rocks embedded in them for support. There was a shovel in the corner and a pile of dirt the look unmistakably like a shallow grave.

Needless to say I flipped out . Out I came like a bullet from a gun saying "Do not go down there." My friends excitingly asked "What was down there, what did you see." I told them and one of the girls that were with us said it was time to leave. Acting tuff I said "Not before we find the upstairs".

Back in the living room we saw what we were looking for a very small and steep set of stairs to the upper floor. I accented first of course. Upon getting to the top it turned out the upstairs was more like an attic with the sloped roofs, though it had been cut into three or four rooms. The main room which was possibly the master bedroom was bare except for a single box in the middle of the room. I went to go see what was in the box but as soon as I entered the room and tried the light (which in fact worked) a small musical box type song began to play. Now right there you are probably stopping and either saying bull shit, or get the fuck out of there. But it's true. Upon hearing the song I retreated from the room at first thinking it was some sot of alarm. The music stopped instantly. So I again ventured in. No more than on step over the threshold the music started again. And so again I stepped back. Silence.

We where at this point thoroughly terrified but most of the boys were trying to hide it. So I told my buddy to look once I was in the room for the source of the music. We discovered behind a couple of unhinged doors lying against a wall one of these cheesy musical cards. Why it was playing when I entered that room we may never know, though my explanation would the floor shifted just enough to open the card a bit. So upon discovering that the music was not emanating from the plains of the lost souls I felt confident in opening the box. Inside, you guessed it 20 - 50 silly hats. Everything from those battery operate clapping hats to a Black hat with a mourning veil. I put one on and walked out. We all laughed and our fear level decreased.

We continued exploring the upstairs and discovered 3 old school desks. The kind where there are four desks joined together with the lifting desktops and ink wells. Did this person teach the locals or something? The thought of 12 students sitting in this tiny space brought a chuckle. Just behind the desks there was a bathroom. I climbed over the bathroom and my friends followed. The floor was really rotten so I stopped my friends from coming for fear we would fall through. Me and a buddy opened the medicine cabinet and inside as a dead cockroach, which does not seem to strange except they are not native to the area. But besides the roach, I discovered a huge stack of pictures of little kids. Now these weren't old photo's that could have been of the student's no these were somewhat current school photos and pictures of kids playing in parks. Right there my spidey senses FLEW off the handle, and I said "Lets get the hell out of here."

With me being the calm one up until this point my fear instantly thought the entire group into hysteria. We ran like we have never ran out the door and into the now pitch black of night. None of us looked back until we got to the car. When we got there we were down one person. "Where is J?"

We never found him. We waited for ever and he never came. We were very scared at that point so we went home. That night we got a call from J. He had been captured by the owner of the house and arrested for trespassing. We had all thought he was dead so we ran, which I now feel bad about, what if he was hurt. But anyway we all had to attend court as witnesses but our friend took the fall saying we did not go in and he was the only one. He ended up not being convicted being so young, but I think we all learned a valuable lesson. Listen to your instincts. And go scarey places it's fun.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Power to the crows

Originally uploaded by digi_.
There are a plethora of crows in my neighborhood, as with almost everywhere. I watch them hopping around on the road picking at the nights casualties. Squirrels that could not make the run from curb to curb or the family cat the was startled by the sound of a inhuman fart coming from the old man with indigestion.

They seem generally un-phased by the 2500+ pounds of steal hurtling at them at breakneck speeds, merely hop hop hopping out of their lines. It got me thinking, crows are some of the smartest birds in the world, and I think they have made the decision to live amongst the enemy, man. I see them as the protestants that live amounts the Catholics or the Muslims in Jewish territories. Although they are outnumbered, out gunned, and out squish factored they adapt and continue to thrive.

It seems crows adaptive qualities have ensured there continued survival. Until the day that the bald eagle gets over itself and loses it's pride it is sure to extinctive. Living in a human dominated planet means using the strongest force to buff you strength, without doing this you have ensured you will eventually be gone.

So I began thinking what will our world look like after such selection completes its course. Crows, pigeons and Squirrels. Seagulls, raccoons, and skunks.

This is not natural selection anymore, it has become human selection. We decide which animals grace our city streets. You don't see bears in downtown Vancouver, not because they could not adapt but because humans would never let that happen. No we push them into the projects. Small slices of habitat "protected" to ensure the continuance of the bear, wolf and tiger populations. These spans over populated and homes and dens becoming a resource that is in demand ending in violence.

The animal kingdom is quickly becoming like Gaza Strips. Small pieces of land completely surrounded by hostile forces. If the animals are to leave them and are deemed "dangerous" they will be arrested and pushed back in, or worse, killed if any anger at the current situation is displayed. I see a beautiful world where humans live within nature, not without it. Where humans and bears coexist, not because natural tendencies have been stifled but because understanding and love is the man objective. We can learn alot from what we have done to the animal kingdom, a now collapsed empire living of the feces of ours.

Let the animals in and in turn let them be truly free. And once that happens, maybe, just maybe, we will see the light and let our brothers come over the walls we build and embrace their people, culture, and diversity.

Once that happens there is no reason for war and strife. Just love.