Friday, May 27, 2005

The disease that plagues

Central nerves
Twitch twich twitch
Your brian severs
Bitch bitch bitch

The walking dead
step step step
The river red
drip drip drip

Satisfied lie
cigarettes burning out your eye
Teflon mummy
Encased entombed.

Free breathing depth
bends around the bend.
Free your mind of every kind of death
Twitch twich twitch

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

You can speak but will they really hear?

Everyday things are said and go unheard. Sometimes the words are meaningless and mundane but others the words are important and are just ignored.

In a age of uber-communication it is not surprising that elements of that communication would get missed, but I often wonder how many good points are dropped and then drop into the ether.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

My children.

You know I was just methodically depressing my stapler and watching the staple birthed from its loins. I realized I am like god, I create staples. One by one they mass on the birthing tray. Eventually becoming tangled and jamming the mechanisms. Now staples only minutes before not, but part of a bigger form, the staple refill cartridge.

Horizon uneven

Ei really does equal emsee squared if you are prepared to meet the mastic. 11 hours sound there is a threat.

The sunset was beautiful. The sunrise makes more sense.

I am loosing it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Happiness in unhappiness

Is there a way to find a sense of peace, or happiness in a state of unhappiness. I know people have the ability to be content in misery but to actually achieve that stiff upper lip that your granddad told you to have.

Sometimes I think I have found just that. In a situation that is not "ideal" I an retain my level of mood by simply focusing on the beauty. Unfortunately this is not a constant and will fall off if not kept in close check.

My savior in life really is Eckhart Tolle and his books, "The Power of Now" and "Stillness speaks" these too books bring with them a beautiful understanding of how the present moment can bring peace to the past and future.

All unhappiness (unless you currently in a crisis like a plane crash (and if so please close this laptop and tuck your head between your legs)) comes from lament of your past, or anticipation/fear of the future. There is no unhappiness in the present moment. There is pain in the moment, but your view and therefore your outlook is independent to that. You can be unhappy at the fact you are unable to skateboard after a broken leg crash. And though the injury is current it is totally optional whether to accept your lameness or lament that trick you tried. Or to wish you could be skateboarding. Your reality is there is no skateboarding for you for 6 months. Embrace and all unhappiness can shed away leaving a great sense of cheer and joy. You may still feel the pain of the screws in your shin but somehow it becomes a welcome friend and because you are no longer working against it. The unnecessary discomfort is removed and you are left, content.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Spontinaity vs. Idiot

So I try something new. Something I have never done before.

Crap it doesn't turn out like I wanted.

I should have thought more.

Or did I think to much.

I really just wanted to have fun. Where has my ability to be spontaneous gone?

Friday, May 13, 2005

There are bubbles in my pee

Something is itching my ass. Why is it that 90% of men, once there dick is waving in the wind in front of a urinal, get an uncontrollable urge to expel saliva.

What is the association.

Is it as simple as convenience or is it evolution.

Is it possible human used to spit on their genitalia to begin the urination process and this act is merely a shadow of this archaic function. Puppies seem to require a little lick to get the flow going. Maybe people began the same.

Or is it some sort of strange territory marking. Maybe because it would seem silly to piss on the pissing tree to mark the pissing tree as yours you spit on it?

Or could it just be that a guy sees the last mans spit and thinks "I would like to spit as well. No place like here!" I don't buy that. That would imply that a simple cleaning could cause the spitting to stop. But as soon as the urinal is used. Spit.


I also love the fact that if there is a piece of gum incorporated it is often deposited here. So poor shithead (pisshand) needs to pick that out. Is that why people do it? They know some "lesser" being will pick it out so somehow they obtain power.

I don't know. I spit too.

Monday, May 09, 2005


Look at this little gadget.

Instead of 18 million baseline amps bathing the target, 26 million amps will make the journey. The X-ray usable peak emissions will rise from 230 to 350 terawatts (more than 100 times the entire world’s output of electricity for a few nanoseconds.) The [x-ray] energy output will rise from 1.6 to 2.7 megajoules.

Piece of cool equipment

All time please move one interval to the left.

A very interesting and lovely creation.


Friday, May 06, 2005

A new World record.

Wow. Here is is Friday and the last time I even sat down in front of my Home computer is last Friday. Thats a whole week. No gaming, no blogging, no surfing, not even emailing. I am so busy at home the only time I even get to check the news is on my breaks at work.

We just got a puppy. It is by far the cutest animal on earth at this moment. Mr. Winkle eat your heart out.

And no she is not available you half breed.