Friday, July 30, 2010

Getting things done: 4 months later

In April I made a post Feeling more in control at the time I was about half done the book but noticing the effects already. Four months have gone by and beyond reading the book I am now a GTDConnect Member, as well I have researched out other sources of tools and productivity pr0n.

GTD saved my career, literally.

Let me explain. I work for a largish organization working in communications and I hold a respectable salary, great benefits, and a good environment. But around October last year things in my life started to really rock. I had recently quick smoking using Wellbutrin another branding of Bupropion, commonly knowen as Zyban. It worked I was free of cigarettes. But when I came off Wellbutrin, as can happen when suddenly stopping while taking anti depressants, I had a total metal breakdown. Now I WAS depressed, and fighting cigarette addiction, as well as fighting other battles as a normal person does. I started to lose my safe zone and I started to retreat inside.

Then as it always does the instability in my head was being reflected quite clearly in first my concentration, then my motivation and soon I found myself in one of those ruts in your career where you begin to "go through the paces" but for what end. Then I simple stopped going through the paces at all.

It took a meeting with my boss to wake me up that one, I was failing in at LEAST 1 of my areas of responsibility, two, I had lost sight of purpose, and three, I was going to lose, leave, or otherwise screw up my career if I did not get something moving. I went to the doctor and was treated for the imbalance but my work was still failing. Finally I found GTD. I found it through a to-do tool I used. Toodledoo.

I ordered the book it was delivered to my Kindle in 60 seconds and it only took me two chapters to realize this was going to be my ticket.

Four months? 1-2-3-4 measly months of focus has changed a number of my behaviors to the point of habit forming.
  1. I now never rely on my memory I have proven that I cannot remember a single thing I am supposed to. I can remember EVERYTHING I want to... but not what I have to.
  2. I use to-do lists religiously. Not all weird religiously but as far as my work goes now I know it won’t get done if I don't capture it, process it, and then do it.
  3. I perform a weekly review even more than once a week as I find that is my most productive time.
  4. I have complete control over my procrastination. It is not that I don't procrastinate I know exactly what I am leaving and why. In essence I look at it and know. I should do that today.... but I won’t. If you have that you are still in control and then if something is missed at the very least it was a conscious decision and my mind no longer falls into excuse mode. I can simply say I have not yet gotten to that.
It may all seem common sense to some. But it most definitely was not for me. If it had been I would have always been organized. It really is simple.

Read the book if you feel out of control in life. This is more than a business/productivity book. It really will change everything.

AH.... duh.