Friday, May 26, 2006


Why is this happening. Every night I go to bed happy and secure and every morning I wake up a shivering mass of insecurities. It is insane I am continuously bombarded with dreams about my partner, cheating, lieing, leaving, and us fighting. It strange because I feel lately we have become more connected. I wake up in physical pain, my rib cage hurts. My heart is heavy.

What are these dreams for? Is it my brain trying to warn me of something or is it just the patch. I tend to think it is the patch as it got really bad around the same time I started using it.

I don't know what they are for, but I would love all these images to just fade away.

Monday, May 15, 2006


The wind at my back I stand on the shore.  I look longingly into the sea, has my loved come home.  Alas the mast is merely a trader ship coming into port.  How many times had this exact vessel, now clearly the Tasmaran been mistaken for the one.

The messages from afar, that she sends, all to clear of her uneasiness with the waters.  The journey almost unbearable.  She has missed her sailing twice before.  And unfortunately I think there will be no more.  The horizon is clear and has been for some days.  I fear she has forgotten me.  On this island I call my home.  She will once again see beauty in a foreign land and I will know only suffering.

Bring forth the winds and let her hear my pleas.  Come back to me my fear come back.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Realigning your corporate image

sKerry and I were thinking last night about products and brand association.  Now we all know that if a brand is particularly good both from the product and branding perspective the brand name will quickly become the household name for all products in the family.  Think Band Aid, Coke, Kleenex.   We had a discussion on whether these companies could use their brand for other products once this phenomenon occurs.  We came up with some examples and as you can see they would not work well.

Smuckers hemorrhoid ointment
Kleenex Lozenges
Q-Tip Paste
XEROX Bath Salts
Tylenol Oat Bran
Dr Scholls Corn Flakes
Gold Bond Hairspray

As you can see it does not work well.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mohawk and garden gloves

Well with the whole quitting thing I have found a TONNNE of extra juice in me.  I again feel like I am 20 something rather than late 50's.  So I have been strappin on the gloves grabin a shovel and tearing shit up.  Turning soil and finding bags of trash stored under said soil.  

I planted a couple plants that sKerry pick up for us.  Therapy.

There is nothing like fresh air in your lungs and a clear conscience to make you feel new.

I picked up something I have had my eye on.  A box in HMV for 35 buck that states on the cover, "God save this box!" PUNK Original masters. although I paid more than I could have it was worth every penny.

Now this box is full of great stuff.  10 CD's a days worth of listening and then some and there are some gems in these cardboard sleeves.

While most of the tracks or independent works and rather ruff there is a feeling of angst not present in current pressings.

I am really impressed with some of the new stuff (new to me) and some of the classics that have been long since forgotten.  Honestly a must have!