Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Madness: Zahra's leg was discovered

Main stream media is reporting the discovery of a prosthetic leg matching the description of Zahra's. It was found in a bush off a road on Caldwell County NC.

Mattress and the leg, both likely pointed out by the step mom.

It is over. I hope they can still find a body for the bio mom.

Thought: Four Stories one crime 1 of 4

Filicide is the deliberate act of a parent killing their own son or daughter. The word filicide derives from the Latin words filius meaning "son" or filia meaning daughter and the suffix -cide meaning to kill, murder, or cause death. - Source Wikipedia.
Filicide is primarily used to describe killing one’s OWN child but I think in light of how western culture treats marriage and therefore guardianship we can still lump the step parents into this mix. In each case there is possible biological parental involvement as well so for ease of discussion I will refer to all of these as alleged Filicide.

In this entry I will look at the initial stories as these are the most important. These stories are the product of what little planning was done in the attempt to cover up the crime.

In all cases an adolescent (or in Casey's case a toddler) is or was missing allegedly at the hands of a primary caregiver.

In all cases the stories suggest NO involvement of the parent and they all incorporate an apparent abduction.

Each child was reported missing at some point to police by a family member and in all but Casey’s case the suspect themselves. Thought: Establish doubt of involvement by being the one to report the crime. Reality: The person who reports a crime will be scrutinized and analyzed and every word they say will be poured over and profiled.

Of the four on one case found any trace of the body. That much of the plan was organized.

But what can we learn from these stories that are woven in several peoples minds for basically the same act.

These stories all aim to misdirect or establish an alternate reality where the story can be believed. Fortunately we are not dealing with masterminds here, or better yet, even remotely competent people. It pains me to say this but the smartest cookie in the bunch just might be Casey.

The stories
  • Casey and the case of the imaginary nanny.
  • Misty and the night time intruder
  • Terri's and the case of the portal to the twilight zone
  • Elisa and Adam and the case of the directionally challenged disgruntled employee

Casey and the case of the imaginary nanny.

First lets look at Casey. At the time of the crime and subsequent questioning Casey was __ years old. Her story is wrapped up in the drama that a 20 some would have. Clubbing, overbearing parents, clubbing, overbearing parents, slutting about, and funnily enough seems to be ripped of an episode of One Tree Hill. That is not figuratively Episode 100 was a kidnapping by a nanny who looks remarkably like the nanny.

Casey first claimed to have dropped her daughter off with the nanny on the stairs of Sawgrass apartments on June 16 2008. She went to work that day and returned to pick up her child. When she got there they were not waiting for her as ususal so she called. The number had been disconnected. So she waited until she was sure they weren't coming and then panicked and started traveling from night spot to night spot hoping to find someone who had seen the nanny.

Now I understand the story has completely changed and been destroyed by LE. But it rings with some information maybe of the crime.

She dropped her daughter off on the stairs of the Sawgrass apartments. When coming up with a story she obviously pulled Sawgrass out of her ass because Rico and Amy had been living there for some time.

Why the stairs? The Stairs lead up to an empty apartment (one that happened to have been looked at by the real Zenida Fernandez Gonzalaz. Could Casey known this ladies name and was trying to provide information that would pan out?

It looks that way. But I want to step back a bit. You are planning a cover up you are looking for a person to pin this on and you choose a person just moving into the area? I am not so sure. I think this might have been a very crazy coincidence. I would be more likely Casey was telling her parents where the body could be found who would then give that information to their private investigator who would in turn give that to a psychic or some other party to explain why he was able to (move the body) locate it.

The interesting element her is when the body was finally discovered strangely behind to neighborhood houses own by Fernandez and Gonzalaz families. Right around the area that a psychich told DC to look. Psychic's are not real and hopefully enough jurrours know that to make that point a noose.

So that explains where the name of the nanny came from who before that had been called Zanny if mentioned at all. Zanny the Nanny being Xanax of course. Common practice among teen mothers is getting their children to sleep ASAP so they can go out.

So Zanny is a friend from a job that doesn't exist. But Casey didn't think that far ahead. She was so confident by cooperating and sticking to her story that eventually the cops would give up. So confident in fact she even tried to get past security at Universal to show the cops her office. And that is where her initial story ended, she realized she was caught and started to mold her story into reality.

So I would say the casue of death was likely Xanax overdose in the trunk of Casey's car near Sawgrass apartments (likely while she partied there). Once discovering the body she remembered the Nanny episode of One tree hill Fabricated the story and dumped the body where only she could find it. (Well lee could too)

When she was begging to get out of prison what she wanted to do was get a chance to go move the body. That chance did not come. Scrutiny was upon her and she could not get to the body. I think at that point she told Lee what had happened and Lee being the weirdly infatuated brother promised her as soon as he could he would move the body in my opinion to Jay Blanchard park area and away from the Anthony home.

Lee was in no better position to go traipsing into the woods to move the body. But Casey had already changed her story to the Nanny forcibly kidnapped Caley at Jay Blanchard park. And then their house of card came down. Lee failed to move the body and it was discovered.

Casey in punishment and hatred for the act that will ultimately kill her threw Lee, her father, and the person who found the body under the wheels of a freight train. That was a pissy display of spoiled bratt in my opinion.

All the fabricated people likely are real people somewhere Casey made these characters to allow a false reality to house her ridiculous story and it really didn't work. Fortunately for us her lawyer is more of a sinister and conniving lawyer rather than someone who truly wants to defend a client. Bozo will be her nails for her coffin. All the real lawyers that got on board got off pretty quick once they got the whole story. This is not a defensible case because the only story ever told and remaining to be told is forensically and circumstantially proven to be false.

Casey's trial will begin in 2011, and I will be very surprised if we get to see Casey take the stand. Cross examining her story would be a prosecutions dream!

So why did you need a nanny that day?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Madness: An unconfirmed report of a body being found near Granite Falls. Zahra?

48 minutes ago user of the website using the avatar Granite Falls posted the following:

About an hour ago a friend called me and said her husband (who is assisting in the search) called and said they found her body wrapped up in a mattress.

I wish we could get real confirmation as I think we all need closure for this special little girl.

Has anyone ever seen such a glowing, beautiful smile as Zahra's?

To see original post please click here.

Now although this is a rumor it is quickly spreading across the armchair detective sites. If this turns out to be true and in fact Elisa Baker did lead them to the body, you can rest assured she has been offered a plea deal.

That country drive just got a whole lot more interesting.

Madness: A country drive with Elisa Baker

This is pure conjecture but, Elisa is looking for a plea. But first she wants to lead the police on a wild goose chase to try to establish she only suspects Adam and knows nothing of the details of the crime.

To put doubt of her direct knowledge she is likely cooperating with police saying she only helped Adam cover up "what're it was he dun". There has been two "promising leads" that amounted for Jack shit. I got 20 on third time being a the charm.

Elisa is giving them possible locations to search. Not the knowledge she in fact possess which is going to be the dump site for the bed. She can't implicate herself beyond that. She will find the bed and MAYBE the leg. But you can be rest assured she will not give the location of the body (if one exists). In trial her defense can show she cooperated with police in the parts she new about. Covering up Adam's crime.

So knowing LE knows this and is playing along to get the goods, they got to enjoy a nice country drive to Caldwell County. A place known to Elisa as they lived there 3 years previously. A forest road towards Granite falls.The conversation in the truck was likely not related to the case but a lovely dialogue about the weather or favorite colors. It is common for a liar to use pieces of their past to build new truths.

So she gets to take a ride and then return to her sell another piece of the puzzle added. Once LE puts in the last few pieces they will expose these pieces were not from this puzzle at all.

I just can't help but feel like at this point the sheriff's office is along for the ride. I really hope I am right that they know this game and nail this woman to the wall.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Madness: Elisa Baker has a sugar daddy

The case against Elisa Baker (and potentially Adam), is picking up steam. Today at a bail hearing County District Judge Robert Mullinax Jr raised her bail sitting flight risk as the reason.

As I turns out Elisa has at least one other man in her life. A man in England who send her money in the range of thousands of dollars according to her daughter. By the looks of it Elisa Baker is Gothic Fairy online and spends a substantial amount of time having sexual relations through second life or some other means.

Likely it will come out that she spends so much time playing second life that she neglected her children. This suspect this is common amongst a group of women we call gold diggers, as their looks wash away the resort to their manipulative and sexual gratifying and therefore justified behavior online.

What prompted the Judge to deem Elisa a flight risk was likely her own grown daughters testimony which included details of the man in England and a threat to leave NC that day prior to her arrest.

That alongside testimony by the prosecutor is her tendency to “miss” court appearances.

The judge raised the bail from 45K to 60K (still not enough to keep her there in my opinion). Leonard?  Where’s your offer?

In the end the judge raised the bail, due to “disturbing and unsettling allegations” raised before him.

Zahra was last seen in public Sept. 25, investigators are asking anyone who may have information regarding this case to contact the Hickory Police Department at 828-328-5551.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thought: Where did Adam Baker go on Saturday?

By his own words Adam admitted to leaving the property at around 11am and returning at 1pm, prior to "discovering" and reporting Zahra missing. He claims he went to "check on a job". What job, where? No one knows.

Now knowing that Elisa was the author of the ransom note exposes that there was obviously a plan to make her disappearance look like a kidnapping, which directly implicates, at least Elisa at that point, in the actual disappearance.

But where did Adam go. Checking on a job on a Saturday is quite normal for a tree trimming service as a lot of the work these companies do happen outside of business hours so that is not to strange.

But couple that with the fact that his statement inconsistencies sort of implicate him as well in at least the cover up. In the 911 tapes he claims to have just got up. But we know he left the property so you would think the statement would be I just got back. But at that point he didn't want anyone to know he had left. Why?

Evidence disposal, or better yet planting.

The way this plan seems have been laid out is as a framing. Adam has a grudge. The obviously not anonymous kidnapper aka disgruntled employee, is to specific for there not to be a plan to frame someone. If you implicate someone at your place of work there had better be some evidence or eventually they will have you.

So did Adam Baker leave with evidence? Yes. Did he leave with the leg? I absolutely think so. In my opinion the leg has been deposited somewhere where it will implicate someone else. I wonder who was working at the job he went to check on. Those people better be ready to be witnesses in a pretty big case.

If Adam new nothing about the plan to get rid of Zahra why wouldn't he have checked on his daughter he loves so much when he discovers the plan to kidnap his bosses daughter. I know that even when children are kidnapped miles away it makes me pause and just need to see my daughter to make sure everything is ok.

I would also do this if there was a fire on my property. Just let her know if she was awake everything was fine. I mean this guy was having a pretty fucked up day and I would think you would want to hug you loved children prior to going to check on a job. But hey, everyone’s different.

I don't know what happened to Zahra or when it happened. But I do know that Adam and Elisa tried and failed to cover it up. So in my books they are as good as gone.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Madness: 911 calls by father Adam and step-mother Elisa released

Police have released the 911 tape of Adam Baker calling 911 to report Zahra missing. As well they released the morning 911 call by Zahra's step mother reporting the fire in the yard. Both calls are available in part here.

First lets have a look at Elisa's call

When the 911 operator asks what the emergency is Elisa responds "My husband works for a tree maintenance company and our backyard is on fire."

Order of statement here is very important. Elisa reports first that Adam, her husband, works at a tree maintenance company. This is unnecessary information and therefore important to the callers state of mind. Now remember this is reporting the fire that brought the firefighters who eventually discovered the supposed ransom note.  At this time other then Elisa having direct knowledge of the ransom note (because she wrote it) would be unaware or it's content. She was already at that time setting up the story on record.

She later admitted to writing the note which instantly directly implicated her in either the disappearance itself or at least it's cover up. The confession as well as that first statement should be enough to prove that much.

Now as far as Adam's involvement at this time it can not be established other than Elisa stating he works for the tree company that she used as the fake ransom note. I would wounder how much Elisa knew about the boss prior to this event is it even possible for her to have details of the bosses children without Adam providing this information?

After the 911 operator asked her to repeat the statement she replies with my backyard is on fire. But then proceeds to again explain that they have mulch piles and wood piles as they sell firewood. Yet another piece of useless information you can tell that the 911 officer almost missed this as she was focus on the little girl rather than the workplace that doesn't matter.

There is no mention of the children in this call and it ends with the 911 dispatching the fire department.

The fire was extinguished and the Elisa and Adam apparently went about their day lounging in bed till just before 2pm.

The next call was by Adam Baker. When the operator picks up he starts the conversation with "Hey, how you doin?" now although most people ask a similar question when they call their buddies and it is interchangeable with hello. The casualness with the way he greets and asks for police I find quite eary. It almost seems he is making a token call and feels that way. Exasperation is present in his voice but not the type I would expect from a person reporting his daughter missing.

Adam then proceeds to tell the operator what he assumes happened.  This to me is the first very obvious red flag. Adam seems to want to tell the whole story rather then simply state my daughter is missing and let the police deal with the details. He seems ready to start spinning a story right away. This coupled with the knowledge that the note was a fake, leads me to believe at this point he is doing damage control as the plan didn't really roll out as first thought. He seems to be very interested in the fact that his bosses daughter was the target and he guesses they took his daughter instead by mistake.

What is the motive there. What were they trying to accomplish by misdirecting the police to the bosses house.

All I can think of is to avoid further questions like do you know anyone who would want to harm you or your family. By placing the blame on his bosses behavior it may make for less probing. Could there have been prior threats made against the boss and this was a botched attempt to frame someone? Only time and apparently Elisa baker will tell.  Since the initial report and the confession Elesa Baker has been locked up for offenses that initially seem unrelated. This is a common practice by law enforcement and until Elesa confessed was their only means of separating the two lead persons of interest. Once in jail it seems Elisa started to talk as the investigation started taking clearly defined twists. Placing them all over the area and performing searches, all of which turned up nothing. Guilty parties will often turn on their cohort in crime when faced with punishment so I believe at this time Elisa turned on her hubby and began implicating him and lead them on a wild goose chase to establish doubt in her involvement. But as is shown in the Casey Anthony goose chance the lies begin to mount.  At this time as Elisa was fighting to keep her lies straight is likely when she confessed to writing the note. The police may have tried a tactic claiming that Adam was talking and if there is any thing she wanted to change in her statement. Her confessions puts her on the peripheral of the crime. It in no way implicates her for murder, only obstruction and potentially a cover up of a crime. By no means as bad an offense as the actual murder.

Adam remains out of jail at this time. There simply is no sign of Zahra.

Now I look back through this mess and I see one recurring element and that is Adam's workplace. I think the truth will be found there.  There is a reason that it was important to establish this as a disgruntled employee. Evidence is hard to get around unless there is another possible reason said evidence exists. If there is evidence at the workplace it was put there by the disgruntled employee not Adam.

When we look at the fire and it's possibility of destroying evidence and we look at the response by Adam and Elesa we can see that the crime likely did not happen at the house. The body is around either the home or the workplace.  But something is. Or someone is.

Adam is too willing to allow investigators in. He wanted them to see there was no sign of abuse. No sign of anything wrong. He wanted to make sure they thought the leg had been stolen as that would delay thoughts that the girl was in fact murdered as why would a murderer take a leg for someone they intended to kill.  The leg will be found Zahra wont for a very long time.

I think the leg will be found around the disgruntled employee's stomping ground. The body (or whats left of it) sometime later buried around a work-site.

The problem is even once the remains are recovered I have a hard time believing evidence will be there unless it is planted in someway.

These people planned this cover-up for a long time and fortunately it went off wrong and the suspects are probably caught. Trial will be difficult on the prosecutors if they can't find some sort of forensic evidence beyond decomp-dogs hitting and a confession of a fake note.  Elesa is a thief and a con artist so this is likely money driven and possibly an extortion attempt.

I hope for the sake of the rest of the family they can find it in their hearts to stop parading in front of the media taunting the social services with I told you so comments as if there was the type of thing going on in the home that is now being reported that puts them at the bottom of the barrel in my books. Equally if not more responsible for the death of this darling child as they supposedly have the wherewithal to know the situation was bad and they think calling social services is enough?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Madness: He seems concerned. I don't know how sincere his concern is

Burke County Sheriff John McDevitt told ABC this morning "He seems concerned. I don't know how sincere his concern is” then when asked if he believes Adam’s version of the story he replied, “I don’t”

10 year old Zahra Baker was reported missing Saturday morning after a bizarre series of events. Involving a fire and ransom note. The case now being treated as a homicide instantly got headlines across the globe. Elisa and Adam Baker both spent time living in Australia, where Zahra’s biological mother also lives, gave it an international appeal.

After reporting Zahra missing and claiming she had last seen her at 2:30am in bed, Elisa not so goth now Baker, was arrested quickly on outstanding warrants for fraud. Police arresting her so quickly prevented her from being able to concoct her story and in questioning she broke down, claimed she was the person who wrote the ransom note and immediately lawyered up.

Since Adam is also not cooperating with the investigation they have now turned their attention to him. As with all high profile cases, several people have come forward to spill the beans about this family. First it was family now neighbors all claiming they witnessed abuse.

Also, as reported here, Douglas Proctor Elisa’s son made a public plea for privacy. Privacy is a right given to those who deserve it. Even if Zahra was found alive and had run away and her parents had nothing to do with it, her family still let her down in the vilest of ways, by allowing violence to continue unabated for years.

Last night in a vigil Zahra’s relative tried to wash their hands of this by telling the media they reported the abuse to Social Services three separate times. The Charlotte observer quotes Lindsey Parker They tried. They really tried,"
I am sorry I don’t buy it. If you don’t see an abused child for weeks and you “knew something like this would happen” What the fuck people. Wake up. It is each and every one of your responsibility to protect beings that require protection, even if it is from someone who claims to love them and you.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Madness: Zahra Baker case relevant location map

Thanks to Pamela for creating this map I have added it to a Related links on the right.

Madness: Zahra Baker's step brother makes a statement to media and a little response from me

Dear everyone,
I would first like to personally thank all those who have and are continuing to helping locate Zahra Baker and i ask that everyone continue to please support my family during this difficult time.

Due to the fact i am still gathering facts right now i am unable to make any comment on anything regarding Zahra Baker as well as my mother Elisa Baker. I would also like to ask that everyone please respect my families privacy during this difficult and stressful time.

Once all the facts have been gathered i will issue another statement but until then i will refrain from saying anything else. Once again please keep Zahra Baker in your prayers and thanks to everyone who is helping.

Douglas Proctor

Douglas Proctor,

The request for privacy is a bit laughable. I don't think your family will feel warm and fuzzy for a long time.

Douglas, I feel your pain it must be pretty alarming for this to just happen to someone. My problem with this is this did not just "happen" this has been a long time coming and where were you when your step sister obviously needed your help.

I understand you're ashamed of what you have not done but an plea for privacy is ridiculous. Your family has had too much privacy and this horrendous crime was allowed to happen. I suggest you distance yourself from your mother as this is your opportunity to escape her finally. Take it. Do yourself a favor.


Madness: Zahra Baker's life of madness

The last 4 days have been insane in the breaking case against Elisa Baker aka E’leas. aka gothicfairy6668 @ myspace.

Zahra only reported missing on Saturday is already a full blown murder investigation. Although it seems the little girl has been missing for as much as a month. This crime was poorly covered up and due to that will be a fairly simple case in court. But as this story has only grown stranger with every hour I am sure there is much more to come.

Zahra was only 10, she was a beautiful little girl. An alleged early life battle with cancer left her a prosthetic leg from the knee down and damaged her hearing. She could hear some with help of hearing aids. But in every picture I see a smiling little kid not someone suffering.

But completely out of her control it seems she was forced to live in some pretty vile conditions. This little girl has survived cancer and overcome hearing problems only to have her family do something so horrendous to her it requires a fucking cadaver dog to smell a wood chip pile. Are you fucking kidding me? It is pretty obvious what has happened there and it is disgusting.

Apparently 50 police officers have been combing the another property on Harland road in Burke County. This property is used to store heavy equipment owned by a tree trimming business. Hey guess who worked there? Adam Beat ‘a’Baker. The have lots of equipment everything from a back hoe to a cadaver dog friendly wood chipper along with the pile it produced. I hope that poor dog really loved playtime for having to hit on that! Now before any defense quack call unreliable. It is not about reliability at this point it is building a drama. That drama that took place is like something you cannot imagine.

So whenever this terrible crime was committed. We know when the cover up was implemented. (real poorly at that).

Early Saturday morning 5:30 am there is a call to the fire department about a brush fire on the Baker property. Obviously the vehicle was intended to burn as well as it had been doused in gasoline. But that failed to ignite.

There was a ransom note (which Elisa claims she wrote) on the windshield of the vehicle also intended to be found by law enforcement and make a kidnapping story out of it. There were intentional mistakes made in the letter in a lame attempt to throw off the scent farther.

The fire was to destroy evidence that much is now clear.

Now I get to the very sad part.

Quotes from the family and friends/neighbors;
"[Elisa is a] pathological liar and a hypochondriac”. Said Elisa’s sister.

"She brought her daughter around in a wheelchair saying she had leukemia," said Elisa’s father. Apparently claiming she was dying but she never got sick.

"They kept Zahra locked in the bedroom all day, every day," said Baird

"I just think this was something for a long time that we knew was going to happen, everybody that was close to the family," Bentley a nephews wife "[she] was locked in her room, allowed five minutes out a day to eat, that was it, She was beat almost every time I was over there for just the smallest things. Elisa would get mad, she would take it out on Zahra, things the kid didn't deserve. She just had a horrible home life."

"There were warning signs along the way, but you never want to think the worst," said former neighbor Kayla Rotenberry.

As well A neighbor (Bost) stated Baker's lived here, they never mentioned a daughter. "I didn't even know that she existed. I mean I've never seen her and I never heard him mention her or anything like that,” Bost said.

So it seems this madness was a long time coming but I find it very sad that the entire family and people around them knew of the abuse and did nothing for the poor girl. At least now with the lights shut of no one can hurt her again.

These terrible parents, who have done a terrible thing, did not just become terrible. They have long histories of terribleness. But this atrocious crime is something that will go down in history as another failed life brought on by a society that puts themselves before others and thinks only of the moment and wont wake up and realize it has made a monster until it is too late.

This poor little girl should have made a difference in life. Hopefully she can make a difference in death instead.