Thursday, October 13, 2016

Focusing on the moon and beyond

Astronomy, a natural science, is the study of celestial objects (such as stars, galaxies, planets, moons, asteroids, comets and nebulae) and processes (such as supernovae explosions, gamma ray bursts, and cosmic microwave background radiation), the physics, chemistry, and evolution of such objects and processes, and more generally all phenomena that originate outside the atmosphere of Earth. A related but distinct subject, physical cosmology, is concerned with studying the Universe as a whole.
— Source Wikipedia
Gassendi crater - The Moon
 I have reinvigorated my love for astronomy.

When I was a teen I joined a local Astronomy club. I attended many nights under the stars braving the elements to catch a glimpse of our universe. My understanding of the stars, while starting to develop, was possibly driven at least in part by the search for E.T. Although I had an immature understanding of the probability of me discovering life on another planet while looking through an optical scope on the surface of the planet I can say it drove me to learn about things that my friends where oblivious to. Time went by and I got caught up in all things adolescence and my desire to learn more was pushed out in favor of the chase of girls and popularity.

I am now in my thirties (pushing it) and acquiring a small cheap department store telescope tapped the vein and like a true addict I relapsed into a deep well of desire for more. I rushed to purchase a scope I couldn't really afford and so began my journey back to the center of the universe.

I share with you today the first photo I took of the Gassendi Crater on the moon. I took this with an unmounted iPhone through my Celestron 127slt.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A boat, a dream, and a reality

So you may have heard. I am on a boat kick. I have been on many kicks in my day, jumping from this to that, dreaming about someday. This someday I would be rich I would be famous but most of all I would be who I want to be. Well it's not coming. Dreams are only dreams if they remain dreams to you.  You can not hope to accomplish ANY dream simply by dreaming about it.

I spent my childhood waiting to grow up then I spent my teen years not wanting to grow up. Then I began waiting again. Waiting for that day where my what my parents or a reasonable facsimile of them, has accomplished to happen for me. That day wont come where I am sitting now.

Debt, fatigue from the grind, and a lot of missed opportunities has left me feeling empty. Empty of those true accomplishments.I can't afford my life and I can't sustain this facade anymore.

I am drowning.

But here is where the boat kick comes in.  See what I did there?

I started thinking about owning a boat long ago but as all these things do the boat seeming unobtainable became a "someday" and became second to the things I needed to do. But recently a couple trips around my neighborhood I rekindled this desire and I began casually looking at the costs involved. That put it back into the realm of fantasy. I can't even afford rent and the bills how can I own a boat?

But I kept looking. Boats everywhere, but for anything nice it was expensive. But then I started looking at high end large boats and I was suprised to find out there are amazing vessels out their under 100K. I was astounded I rent an apartment and am insanely considering buying on for five times that.

What is wrong with this picture?

I have done my homework it is not cheap to own a boat. But I will tell you this much. It is owning. It is capital. For less than the cost of my apartment I can live on a OWN and live on 59 foot Ketch.

I mentioned this to Kerry and I swear I have the coolest wife in the world, because I am the one dude who could have a dream like that and their wife say. SURE!

I found a boat I could possibly afford. I look at it and think that is achievable. But as with anythings there are many cons and pessimistic ways of looking at it. But then again...

Dreams really do come true.

But only if you take the risks.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Children are not born scientists....

I often hear the phrase "children are born scientists", which on the surface sounds beautiful and is based on the fact that a child will ask "why" incessantly — so it seems plausible. In my opinion it is simply not true.

Children are born believers. A scientist does not ask "why?". A scientist finds out why. Unfortunately children are not built with the ability to seek any truth other than the truths given to them by their environment (parents, teachers, religious figures, or group leaders) and they are told to accept what is told to them and they simply do. Children need to develop critical thinking for themselves, much as we all likely had to at some point in our lives to bring us here.

What can we do to help our children grow up to think critically about their world? Stop answering your children’s questions about the world and start empowering them with the necessary tools.

Take your kids to the library with a list of questions they have asked and go find a book to help them use the index. When THEY locate the answer they will remember it. It was them that answered their own question.
Show your child Wikipedia and how to do searches within it.

Once they find the answer make sure you assure them they have done a very important thing. Celebrate their success in learning. Help them to formulate a response if ever asked the question. The pride they will feel when answering the question with "I went to the library and looked this up and..." versus "My mom said..." will be worth the extra time from your day to help your child become empowered.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Madness: Zahra's leg was discovered

Main stream media is reporting the discovery of a prosthetic leg matching the description of Zahra's. It was found in a bush off a road on Caldwell County NC.

Mattress and the leg, both likely pointed out by the step mom.

It is over. I hope they can still find a body for the bio mom.

Thought: Four Stories one crime 1 of 4

Filicide is the deliberate act of a parent killing their own son or daughter. The word filicide derives from the Latin words filius meaning "son" or filia meaning daughter and the suffix -cide meaning to kill, murder, or cause death. - Source Wikipedia.
Filicide is primarily used to describe killing one’s OWN child but I think in light of how western culture treats marriage and therefore guardianship we can still lump the step parents into this mix. In each case there is possible biological parental involvement as well so for ease of discussion I will refer to all of these as alleged Filicide.

In this entry I will look at the initial stories as these are the most important. These stories are the product of what little planning was done in the attempt to cover up the crime.

In all cases an adolescent (or in Casey's case a toddler) is or was missing allegedly at the hands of a primary caregiver.

In all cases the stories suggest NO involvement of the parent and they all incorporate an apparent abduction.

Each child was reported missing at some point to police by a family member and in all but Casey’s case the suspect themselves. Thought: Establish doubt of involvement by being the one to report the crime. Reality: The person who reports a crime will be scrutinized and analyzed and every word they say will be poured over and profiled.

Of the four on one case found any trace of the body. That much of the plan was organized.

But what can we learn from these stories that are woven in several peoples minds for basically the same act.

These stories all aim to misdirect or establish an alternate reality where the story can be believed. Fortunately we are not dealing with masterminds here, or better yet, even remotely competent people. It pains me to say this but the smartest cookie in the bunch just might be Casey.

The stories
  • Casey and the case of the imaginary nanny.
  • Misty and the night time intruder
  • Terri's and the case of the portal to the twilight zone
  • Elisa and Adam and the case of the directionally challenged disgruntled employee

Casey and the case of the imaginary nanny.

First lets look at Casey. At the time of the crime and subsequent questioning Casey was __ years old. Her story is wrapped up in the drama that a 20 some would have. Clubbing, overbearing parents, clubbing, overbearing parents, slutting about, and funnily enough seems to be ripped of an episode of One Tree Hill. That is not figuratively Episode 100 was a kidnapping by a nanny who looks remarkably like the nanny.

Casey first claimed to have dropped her daughter off with the nanny on the stairs of Sawgrass apartments on June 16 2008. She went to work that day and returned to pick up her child. When she got there they were not waiting for her as ususal so she called. The number had been disconnected. So she waited until she was sure they weren't coming and then panicked and started traveling from night spot to night spot hoping to find someone who had seen the nanny.

Now I understand the story has completely changed and been destroyed by LE. But it rings with some information maybe of the crime.

She dropped her daughter off on the stairs of the Sawgrass apartments. When coming up with a story she obviously pulled Sawgrass out of her ass because Rico and Amy had been living there for some time.

Why the stairs? The Stairs lead up to an empty apartment (one that happened to have been looked at by the real Zenida Fernandez Gonzalaz. Could Casey known this ladies name and was trying to provide information that would pan out?

It looks that way. But I want to step back a bit. You are planning a cover up you are looking for a person to pin this on and you choose a person just moving into the area? I am not so sure. I think this might have been a very crazy coincidence. I would be more likely Casey was telling her parents where the body could be found who would then give that information to their private investigator who would in turn give that to a psychic or some other party to explain why he was able to (move the body) locate it.

The interesting element her is when the body was finally discovered strangely behind to neighborhood houses own by Fernandez and Gonzalaz families. Right around the area that a psychich told DC to look. Psychic's are not real and hopefully enough jurrours know that to make that point a noose.

So that explains where the name of the nanny came from who before that had been called Zanny if mentioned at all. Zanny the Nanny being Xanax of course. Common practice among teen mothers is getting their children to sleep ASAP so they can go out.

So Zanny is a friend from a job that doesn't exist. But Casey didn't think that far ahead. She was so confident by cooperating and sticking to her story that eventually the cops would give up. So confident in fact she even tried to get past security at Universal to show the cops her office. And that is where her initial story ended, she realized she was caught and started to mold her story into reality.

So I would say the casue of death was likely Xanax overdose in the trunk of Casey's car near Sawgrass apartments (likely while she partied there). Once discovering the body she remembered the Nanny episode of One tree hill Fabricated the story and dumped the body where only she could find it. (Well lee could too)

When she was begging to get out of prison what she wanted to do was get a chance to go move the body. That chance did not come. Scrutiny was upon her and she could not get to the body. I think at that point she told Lee what had happened and Lee being the weirdly infatuated brother promised her as soon as he could he would move the body in my opinion to Jay Blanchard park area and away from the Anthony home.

Lee was in no better position to go traipsing into the woods to move the body. But Casey had already changed her story to the Nanny forcibly kidnapped Caley at Jay Blanchard park. And then their house of card came down. Lee failed to move the body and it was discovered.

Casey in punishment and hatred for the act that will ultimately kill her threw Lee, her father, and the person who found the body under the wheels of a freight train. That was a pissy display of spoiled bratt in my opinion.

All the fabricated people likely are real people somewhere Casey made these characters to allow a false reality to house her ridiculous story and it really didn't work. Fortunately for us her lawyer is more of a sinister and conniving lawyer rather than someone who truly wants to defend a client. Bozo will be her nails for her coffin. All the real lawyers that got on board got off pretty quick once they got the whole story. This is not a defensible case because the only story ever told and remaining to be told is forensically and circumstantially proven to be false.

Casey's trial will begin in 2011, and I will be very surprised if we get to see Casey take the stand. Cross examining her story would be a prosecutions dream!

So why did you need a nanny that day?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Madness: An unconfirmed report of a body being found near Granite Falls. Zahra?

48 minutes ago user of the website using the avatar Granite Falls posted the following:

About an hour ago a friend called me and said her husband (who is assisting in the search) called and said they found her body wrapped up in a mattress.

I wish we could get real confirmation as I think we all need closure for this special little girl.

Has anyone ever seen such a glowing, beautiful smile as Zahra's?

To see original post please click here.

Now although this is a rumor it is quickly spreading across the armchair detective sites. If this turns out to be true and in fact Elisa Baker did lead them to the body, you can rest assured she has been offered a plea deal.

That country drive just got a whole lot more interesting.