Monday, October 23, 2006

The science of a madman missing his mark.

Madness seeps in from every corner. The street lit only with a handful of street lamps. The rest burnt out. The stairway to the house drips with his own imagination. There lies his mother. How she would scold him now. The muted color on the wall smells of Lavender and apple blossoms. The back door was left ajar. That's my only defense.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oh the HORROR!

I saw it.  At first I could not make it out.  It was too new.  The first thing I realized is it had a face, a face not unlike and elderly miser who had lost his eyes in the war.  Two open wounds where eyes may have been.  The mouth loose leather instead of lips, splayed in areas that dried long ago.  There was a long slender neck that had folds of extra flesh as it could distend its neck three times it's current length.

It walked on all fours but with the front stood upon its reversed knees.  Praying mantis is the obvious comparison with its hands replaced with a blade of what looks to be onyx but is in fact the black bone of this terrible creature.  Although obviously male its young hang feeding from teats.  The puss sacks that secret the plasma the pupid beast hunger for dangle like tumor’ous growths destined to catch on every edge.  

It smelled of raspberries, which in the end sounds ridiculous but I remember thinking it all the same.  It's thin tail flicked nervously as we met in the hallway.  A blade at the very end, could cut glass.  Then it was gone.  A puff of dust in it's place, the fine powder being to slow to keep up with its dangerous speed.  There was something much more mechanical then you would normally see in nature.  But could this really be natural?

It was on me in a second, vomiting strands of serrated filaments.  The pain was instant and devastating.  I look down and watch my skin fall to the floor.  I stand for but a second feeling more naked than possible.  A crumpling fall and loose my mind.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

/queryKnowledgeBase: Pirates;

Digi supplied the data I am supplying the database.  Here is what has been input thus far.

Blackbeard’s real name was Edward Teach (possibly born Edward Drummond) and he really only careered as a pirate for two years from 1716-1718, when he was killed in a pretty extreme final battle.  

Legend has it he was shot five time and slashed 20 or more times before he finally fell and then after being beheaded his body ran wildly around the deck before it jumped overboard.  Teach’s head was hung from the bow of Robert Maynard’s ship after he was killed.

Before his death, Blackbeard’s favorite drink was Rum and Gunpowder.

He sailed a 40gun Concorde called “The Queens Revenge” the vessel was originally built as a slaver so it was large and menacing, the ship was eventually run aground (allegedly Teach did this intentionally in order to downsize his crew, which he marooned)

The Queens Revenge wreck was eventually discovered in 1996 in a bay in North Carolina.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dead Meat (Obligatory Review)

Where to begin.  This film is simply put a work of pure pulp/cult – Genius.

We open to an astonishingly raw cow attack.  No holds barred “we are setting the stage her not making you think this is real.”  From that scene on you are either with it or not.  

Either the movie plays on and you are in store for a wonderful ride.  Or you simply get off the couch and make stupid remarks about how hot the kitchen is.   Regardless to say I was the former.

This film was beautiful.  There was a wonderful smoky feel through-out, not unlike the color of your grandma’s living room that you only notice after cleaning her pictures off the wall, after you plant her in the garden.

Not one but to Stiletto deaths.  Come on the less clothes she has in the end the better right.  This film won’t bash down everyone’s doors but I am sure Writer/Director Conor McMahon birthed some die hard fans with this drippy lump.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Cellular visions

Life at the molecular level often thought of as the most basic level. It is more complex than our minds can possibly handle.

Please may I truly be that insignificant.

The video will change the way you look at the world.
The Article