Saturday, March 26, 2005

The matrix vs. me

I have been playing MxO "The Matrix Online". It is a great idea though at the moment it is quite poorly implemented. That is always tro be expected in the early days of a game like this. The problem is these game companies are pushed by thier producers (whom have shelled out exorbanant amounts of $inforamation) to release on schedual that has already been buffed with a months of extensions.

This all has me thinkning.

This is the first matrix.

This is the first level.

With big money behind this like .wb. you can be pretty sure they are not going to let this game flop. And if it does well for them. It will own the gaming youth of tomorow. And then humanity.

Or maybe its just a pretty cool game in a bit-o-shitty box.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Wendy's food is definatly not finger food > News > Nation -- Woman bites into finger while eating chili at Wendy's restaurant in California

Hmmm. Tasty...
"The woman, who asked officials not to identify her, immediately spit it out, Santa Clara County Health Officer Martin Fenstersheib said."

Sort of a once in a life time incident isn't it? I would of rolled it around in my mouth for a bit to get the full experience.

I love that it had PART of a manicured nail. I bet someone else ate that other part.

This guy just heard the news....

One of my heros

Go Bobby Fischer go!

Never get caught they will tie you up and probe your brain to see what makes you tick.

This man is a legend!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Do you have a friend you are always waiting for? I wonder if I am that friend to anyone? As far as I know I am pretty good with being on time.

It just seems there is always that one buddy whome you just have to know minutes are hours.

For instance. Right now I am waiting to play a little Command and Conquer: Generals with this fello and for him to hang up the phone start the game and get into my server is at least 15 minutes.

ok 12.

Good work~

Hitler was a meth head??

I just read the Wiki on meth and in the military use section it claims it was recently discovered Hitler was a meth head. HE even IVd it. Jesus that kicks it up a notch. That explains his intensity. But you would think he woud have had all his teeth fall out and he would have been wearing a summer dress hanging off his colar bone not unlike a hanger and stumbling down davie street. Go figure.

Happy Easter

With easter approaching chocolate is on the minds of Canadian kids.

In fact Canadians will eat 6.5kg each this year. What isn't however talked about in the ads for cute milk chocolate bunnies created by hershey and other conglomerates, is that 70% of the world chocolate comes from a tiny country in west Africa called Ghana. Where children are forced to work in the Cocoa bean fields. They are sold to the harvesters for 20 dollars americain and forced to work until they are big enough to fight back and escape. The kids are kept in camps miles out into the jungle.

The problem is the country is so poor that almost every citizen lives in squalor. The parents are the people forcing the kids. It is really disgusting really. Chocolate never tasted to good to me... but now it tastes like blood.


I was I was.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

cat pee vs. me

My cat has a tendency to meow. Well acctually it would be better discribed as ridiculasly unending and insecent screaming. Tonight he was bieng a particular dickwad and so I decided since I had to go drop of disk 2 of Carnival anyway I would give my girl a break and take him with me.

What a great idea. He hates the car and it was not until I was crossing the Aruthur Lang that I remembered the last car ride. It was when we moved over to this new place from 11th.

He shit and pissed that time. So I got affraid. But thankfully I arrived at the marpole rogers and there was a clean seat. Right on.

So I decide incase mK is working I will bring the kitty in for a visit.

Well I am standing there finding out that in fact mK is NOT there Spych proceeds to relieve himself without my knowledge.

Now, to this all there is an explanation. Spych is prone to bladder infections and cyrstals. I guess it is flared up cause his pee acctually (and honestly) looked like salt.

So I wondered where the hell did I get salt on me. (Having put the pants on clean to go to the video store) So I thought Sugar? ...and tasted a bit.


So I brushed my teeth but still feel like retching but at least it was my cat and not like some strange cat I have never met.

I am so shakey right now.


A use for AOL CDs

Old post... new audience.

Old post... new audience.

in coming back here I thought what a good oportunity to re post some oldies...

originally published on February 9, 2005. Edited on March 22.
Vents from the hot place

Terrible things are heard in the makeshift shack that rests above the vents. Confessions from forgotten souls whom could not embrace their true beings before the reaper got his score. The wailing is incessant though almost inaudible.

I lived her for two years as the sole caretaker of one of the most twisted places on earth. We have all heard of ley lines, one of the earths greatest mysteries in fact. Well I live at the epicenter of the first line. I live where all other lines began, during the fall of the creation.

Some of the stories you have come to believe, are true. There is a place like hell. And it is horrible. But you see the part that is omitted is that the earth was created by a resident. Yajova (later becoming your god) needed a place to escape from hell, to. So he began to construct a world a dirty world that he would like. With all the perversions he could dream up. He fabricated the world with a song, the notes of which still ring in our world’s core like the dying hum of a tuning fork.

At the crescendo Yajova decided to leave his symphony of feinds to begin his accent to the surface of his masterpiece. As he dug for the next 7,000 years his band played on, never missing a beat never loosing tempo.

Just as Yajova broke through the crust and escaped into the soul of a baby, unexplainably the music stopped. And Yahova’s power was lost. And so was Yahova, lost in the soul of a dying mortal. He had 40 years at most to make his mark to live his final chapter.

And so, goes the beginning of the story of Xrist, and the end of humanity.

And here I sit protecting the one entrance and one exit to the world of lost souls.

: one more drone added to the noise

Check this out... the media samurai himself is blogging. Read this mans head.. he is brilliant.

: one more drone added to the noise

Back from the dead...

What was I thinking. I moved my blog and let this on slip. SPACES? Crap.

So I am moving back.

Back in black.