Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Folie À Deux

So again I am patched to version 1.4.  The last time I used it people asked, “How can you use that thing?  It gave me weird dreams!”  

I always replied.  “Not me.” with a shrug.

Well, let me tell you the last two nights in a row have been amazing.  I already have strange dreams.  A lot of them based on my fears and anxieties, but these last two nights have been somewhat different.  The main difference is  I am completely lucid.  

I don’t mean I can direct the show.  I mean I know I am dreaming and can conjure my every whim.  It is incredible.  Last night I lived a horror movie.  Let’s call it a cross between “Folie À Deux” Xfiles, and Devils Rejects both of which I watched yesterday.  

It was insane.  I was victim of course so I got to deal with that shit yo.  Most people call this a nightmare.  I call it a fantasy.