Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Happiness in unhappiness

Is there a way to find a sense of peace, or happiness in a state of unhappiness. I know people have the ability to be content in misery but to actually achieve that stiff upper lip that your granddad told you to have.

Sometimes I think I have found just that. In a situation that is not "ideal" I an retain my level of mood by simply focusing on the beauty. Unfortunately this is not a constant and will fall off if not kept in close check.

My savior in life really is Eckhart Tolle and his books, "The Power of Now" and "Stillness speaks" these too books bring with them a beautiful understanding of how the present moment can bring peace to the past and future.

All unhappiness (unless you currently in a crisis like a plane crash (and if so please close this laptop and tuck your head between your legs)) comes from lament of your past, or anticipation/fear of the future. There is no unhappiness in the present moment. There is pain in the moment, but your view and therefore your outlook is independent to that. You can be unhappy at the fact you are unable to skateboard after a broken leg crash. And though the injury is current it is totally optional whether to accept your lameness or lament that trick you tried. Or to wish you could be skateboarding. Your reality is there is no skateboarding for you for 6 months. Embrace and all unhappiness can shed away leaving a great sense of cheer and joy. You may still feel the pain of the screws in your shin but somehow it becomes a welcome friend and because you are no longer working against it. The unnecessary discomfort is removed and you are left, content.

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digi said...

There is no such thing as darkness, only lack of light - There is no such thing as unhappyness, only lack of happy.

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