Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I smashed my skull

I am at it again. As the pavement dries, and the stir crazies begin, I got out on my board. Well not my board, but mine for now.

That reminds me that one of my board brothers (who has been MIA in Thailand for a couple months) is returning in the near future.

The sun is shining the shoes are stinky and I am ready to run.

Digi, how close are you to uninjured and ready?


covert.c said...


[].ragko said...

Nah. I will survive.

hotgurl_i said...

Oh that is a wicked pic. You ever go to www.coastlongboarding.com they post rides daily and mostly all cool guys i use to ride with that so i can verify..

ride over to my island and stuff, lets ride across canada

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