Wednesday, April 18, 2007

You see the problem is... Bags are toys.

You know I was thinking just now. I really never followed the rule of "Bags are not toys" printed on packaging (until recently with having a really young one in the house).

In truth since I was weened I can remember playing with bags in some such way.

They make wonderful popping sounds if done correctly.

I think about hours of time spent trying to do something really interesting like putting it on as a jumper. I even did that one recently.

I make pillows out of my old ziplocks. I make necklaces.

My dog will sit there looking at me with her tounge hanging out smiling as I use the bag as a glove and ... a smell proof container.

Sometimes you come out of the shoe store and you admire the bag your shoes are in. "They make my shoes look big and new!"

I find them places. I found one under the rug it was super squished I pretended it was a plate for a second.

My cat if they are tied just right will fetch them for me and feel super proud. Like he really did something.

I save them to. You know what I mean. That pile of bags. Yippee it is full. It makes me feel like I have a lot of something. "Well at least I have lots of bags." "I have piles of bags!"

And oh the hats...

Bags really are spectacular.
And they really are... toys.


Anonymous said... more usin' em as condoms man....they chap and chaife... besides,the London Drugs bags are way more supple...make sure the knot is good and tight

Anonymous said...

i have a lot of bags. so many if i got rid of some i'd have space for stuff i need. gus plays in the paper ones.

Anonymous said...
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