Thursday, February 26, 2009

Let the Dead walk - You should just run

I have reinvented "Let the dead Walk". But you likely have no idea what that is, it is a project I have false started on no less that 3 times.

The intent for the blog is to be what I refer to as an ARlog (Alternate Reality Blog). A fictional account of someones life as through their eyes.

When I started this project I started with to many rules.

The character was me, he started in my house. He only had access to what I could get and then his life would run in parralel to my own but with the added bonus of Zombies.

It didn't work. It was impossible to attempt to tell an engaging story with all the rules.

So I have removed all the rules. What "let the dead walk" will be is simply the episodic story of a fictional character, Ryan Brady, running in real time. Time lines split a while ago, and his world is collapsing around him.

I invite anyone and everyone to intereact with Ryan, just be in his world when you do it. He knows there are others out there. He is very alone at the moment.

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