Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Feeling more in control

I am on my third week of implementing the GTD mindset. I am 48% done the book (thanks kindle) it is taking a lot longer than I thought to get through the book as I am taking notes and implementing the aspects covered on the fly. The last two days have seen me working through my various "reference" files. I have gone from having literally thousands of useless pieces of paper to under 100 useful files. They are alphabetized and labeled and ready to be used properly. What I am slightly surprised with is how good it felt to get rid of paper that had very little meaning or value to me. I would have thought I never thought about the shit but I guess I did as I am finding already I am more relaxed as I know where things go.

So onwards, this is really changing my life for the better.


Joanne Amos said...

Good for you!!! My problem is after the fact and then the paper I threw away is needed. However, that rarely happens.

[].ragko said...

Have a single inbox and put everything in it. Then use the pocessing diagram in David Alen's
book (chapter 5 I believe. If you follow that method you should almost never throw away something you need.

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