Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Madness: An unconfirmed report of a body being found near Granite Falls. Zahra?

48 minutes ago user of the website topix.com using the avatar Granite Falls posted the following:

About an hour ago a friend called me and said her husband (who is assisting in the search) called and said they found her body wrapped up in a mattress.

I wish we could get real confirmation as I think we all need closure for this special little girl.

Has anyone ever seen such a glowing, beautiful smile as Zahra's?

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Now although this is a rumor it is quickly spreading across the armchair detective sites. If this turns out to be true and in fact Elisa Baker did lead them to the body, you can rest assured she has been offered a plea deal.

That country drive just got a whole lot more interesting.


[].ragko said...

LE has confirmed the discovery of the mattress matching the description.

It is still unconfirmed if Zahra's body was found with the mattress.

[].ragko said...

Live feed of the applicable scanner radio channel.


[].ragko said...

LE has reported that the remains were not found.

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