Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Banana Terracotta Pie

So I saw this bug today.  He was sitting on my lamp.  I said.  “Hey little bug do you need some light?” He would have obviously nodded enthusiastically if his head had been independent from the rest of his body, so I turned on the lamp.    He sat there for a few minutes basking in the glory of the light.  Then he fell off the lamp. And landed on his back with his legs folded across his little chest.  I was startled so a yelled “Bug” which gave the people in the next cubicles quite the fright.  The bug did not move.  I got very concerned that the little bug did not realize how hot the lamp gets and had killed himself by nodding yes to my initial question.  So I called him a stupid bug and squished him with the nubby eraser o0n my pencil which by the way is covered in British flags.

Long live the queen.

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gusgreeper said...

do you like johnathon richmond?
there is a song you may love, let me know i'll send it if by chance you haven't.

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