Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oh the HORROR!

I saw it.  At first I could not make it out.  It was too new.  The first thing I realized is it had a face, a face not unlike and elderly miser who had lost his eyes in the war.  Two open wounds where eyes may have been.  The mouth loose leather instead of lips, splayed in areas that dried long ago.  There was a long slender neck that had folds of extra flesh as it could distend its neck three times it's current length.

It walked on all fours but with the front stood upon its reversed knees.  Praying mantis is the obvious comparison with its hands replaced with a blade of what looks to be onyx but is in fact the black bone of this terrible creature.  Although obviously male its young hang feeding from teats.  The puss sacks that secret the plasma the pupid beast hunger for dangle like tumor’ous growths destined to catch on every edge.  

It smelled of raspberries, which in the end sounds ridiculous but I remember thinking it all the same.  It's thin tail flicked nervously as we met in the hallway.  A blade at the very end, could cut glass.  Then it was gone.  A puff of dust in it's place, the fine powder being to slow to keep up with its dangerous speed.  There was something much more mechanical then you would normally see in nature.  But could this really be natural?

It was on me in a second, vomiting strands of serrated filaments.  The pain was instant and devastating.  I look down and watch my skin fall to the floor.  I stand for but a second feeling more naked than possible.  A crumpling fall and loose my mind.


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