Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dead Meat (Obligatory Review)

Where to begin.  This film is simply put a work of pure pulp/cult – Genius.

We open to an astonishingly raw cow attack.  No holds barred “we are setting the stage her not making you think this is real.”  From that scene on you are either with it or not.  

Either the movie plays on and you are in store for a wonderful ride.  Or you simply get off the couch and make stupid remarks about how hot the kitchen is.   Regardless to say I was the former.

This film was beautiful.  There was a wonderful smoky feel through-out, not unlike the color of your grandma’s living room that you only notice after cleaning her pictures off the wall, after you plant her in the garden.

Not one but to Stiletto deaths.  Come on the less clothes she has in the end the better right.  This film won’t bash down everyone’s doors but I am sure Writer/Director Conor McMahon birthed some die hard fans with this drippy lump.


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