Monday, December 21, 2009


The darkened hallway flickered with burnt light from decaying overhead lighting. The tile floor had long since began to crumble away with an unseen force. On either side of the passageway were large steel doors. The doors remained almost untouched which only added to the decay in its stark contrast.

In the corner of a small alcove was an overturned chair. Beside it a large pool of brown viscus fluid. The fluid obviously dripped from above and a simple look could see it's source. A long crack in the ceiling that slowly gushed the fluid. The only sign of the horror that took place on the second floor.

Fredrik Marshal wasn't ready for another one.

"Nobody's been through here."

"No sir not..."

"That wasn't a question." Marshal not looking at the Sergent that had spoken.

Marshal strode away looking at a 4 by 6 photo as he did so and he disappeared up an flight of emergency stairs.



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