Thursday, March 25, 2010

Einstein confirmed again!

Astronomers confirm Einstein's theory of relativity and accelerating cosmic expansion

Thought: Cosmic expansion. One could assume we are in a relatively advanced stage of cosmic expansion. Could it be we really are some of the last remaining beings struggling to survive with almost insurmountable odds. We have no Galaxy to colonize it has simply become too big.

Madness: Odds are it will not get any easier for life.

"The data from our study are consistent with these predictions and show no deviation from Einstein's theories," says Van Waerbeke.
Einstein's theories really have stood up even in the most astounding ways ways that were impossible to predict even when he was developing them. These "truths" should be our religion. Should be fact. I understand scientific method. But there comes a point were you can no longer question certainty.

Way to go Ludovic Van Waerbeke of UBC. I wont hold the fact that your name sounds a bit like a vampire or evil lord of a crystal shard. I salute you in your glorious achievement!


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