Monday, August 30, 2010

Smoldering love

10 years ago I was in a toxic relationship both parties had all but given up on themselves and each other. It COULD have worked out if we had reacted when we saw it coming.

Now I sit in a position 10 year later. Not NEAR the same position but the same sort of reaction is required.

I am a happy person. I have almost everything I want. There is only one thing I want more than anything at all....


I want to feel that although there are wrongs in our world and people make mistakes that there is an ability to feel content. I am content. But I don't feel content. Content is a two way street. I want everyone to be happy with what we have rather than look to what may be missing from time to time.

I try very hard each day to get to the next with a smile on my face. Sometimes I make it other times I don't but I really want to make it more than I do.

So here is my position I sit here and write what I am thinking, knowing others will read it and may take offense to it. But it is meant in the most passive and loving way.


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