Monday, May 08, 2006

Realigning your corporate image

sKerry and I were thinking last night about products and brand association.  Now we all know that if a brand is particularly good both from the product and branding perspective the brand name will quickly become the household name for all products in the family.  Think Band Aid, Coke, Kleenex.   We had a discussion on whether these companies could use their brand for other products once this phenomenon occurs.  We came up with some examples and as you can see they would not work well.

Smuckers hemorrhoid ointment
Kleenex Lozenges
Q-Tip Paste
XEROX Bath Salts
Tylenol Oat Bran
Dr Scholls Corn Flakes
Gold Bond Hairspray

As you can see it does not work well.


Anonymous said...

isn't it Smuckers and Dr. Scholls....

[].ragko said...

You are right. I stand corrected.

gusgreeper said...

i'd be ok with some Tylenol Oat Bran

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