Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Earth in all its glory

Earth The Biography, the next offering in the BBC's documentary library is a facinating look at just how special and unique our planet is.  I highly recommend this film.

Movies like these always seem to bring back the prespective of the enormity of our world and fact the humans existance is very insignifigant.  

The cars we drive give off exhaust sure.  

But nothing like mother nature spews all over her self every few thousand years.  

Our world is heating up.  It will likely get hotter.  But then another change will happen deep within the core of the planet and we will all be complaining about the 60 below winter that last 10K years.

I mean yes humans do polute no doubt.  But I am pretty sure something as powerful as earth can fight back.

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Barbara Doduk said...

The earth will always win or any living organism on it... Especially us.

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