Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday Talk Back — Slapstick Politics

When reading the following post, Slapstick Politics: More Than 650 Scientists Dissent over UN Global Warming Report by Julian Dunraven, I could not help but agree.

No matter what side of the fence you are on with the global warming debate, you have to agree that science is the method for finding the truths.

Politics entered the science stage a long time ago, but there has been few topics where the science can be this economically damaging to the "big guys". In a world driven by greed, it is little surprise they have gotten involved.

Science can prevail and the truth is achievable but only if the people get off their asses and learn to tell the difference between real science and political positioning.

As I said in a previous post. The earth is resilient. It will survive, whether it be through warming or cooling till we all die. All we can do is make sure we aren't killing ourselves, and the path to that is Science.


Barbara Doduk said...

75000 years ago, the earth killed off the human population and only about 1000 of us remained in Africa.

Earth has away of doing what she needs to when she needs to rid us fleas. ;)

[].ragko said...

Indeed. Though 75000 years has greatly improved our survivablity if earth was to turn on us.

Likely it will be another organism that ends our existance.

Julian Dunraven said...


Thank you for so nicely highlighting my post. It is a good to know there are still a few of us left that prefer truth to positioning.

Julian Dunraven

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