Thursday, June 17, 2010

The beauty in the end

The vast majority of people fear death. Few people find comfort when faced with their own mentality. They draw their comfort from dreams. From the though of the afterlife. That death is not forever. People don`t handle forever very well.

I can not be sure of what will happen after my heart stops, but because of my interest in all thing morbid, I have a pretty clear understanding of the `process`of dieing. The steps everyone goes through unless their are extreme mitigating factors. (i.e. vaporization, complete instant crushing...) I won`t get into them in great detail for brevity but I will say if there is an afterlife it definitely comes after brain death, any aparation you see between your heart stopping and brain death (as much as 7 -15min) are just that, aparations.

Consider this, someone who "comes back from the dead" rarely talks about being outside their bodies above themselves in the morgue or even the emergency room with the doctor milling about. They come back while the doctors are still trying to save their life. BECAUSE THEY'RE STILL ALIVE!

So the point? I can't understand why some people would CHOOSE to believe in an afterlife. Afterlife is creepy. If dead people know we love them hear us talking to them and all that hogwash... that's creepy. I love my granddad (he passed away this year) but I don't want him milling about. And I certainly don't want to spend my aged years hoping to get back together with my wife of 50 years. (assuming she dies first ((She is way older ;p )))

So ok say there is an afterlife and I pop out of hear and pop up there. I think I am going to be really really pissed off. Not JUST because I was wrong... but because you were right.


abc4 said...

the afterlife is a crutch because everyone is horribly scared of dying, just like they are horribly scared of any kind of aging. yet they are both inevitable, so it just seems completely ridiculous to me that the popular thought is an unrealistic story that goes against perception and intellect. if their gods are real, they want us to be stupid and contradict our natural selves. mind fuck!

[].ragko said...

Passive aggressive douche bags... LOL

The fair tale has to end here. But that doesn't mean the story has to be forgotten.

Thanks for reading abc4.

gusgreeper said...

have you read Stiff or Spook by Mary Roach? i haven't read Spook but i have it, but i have read Stiff and it is seriously awesome. i think you'd like it for sure! if you have anymore time to waste on the internet you should really gone, it is my favourite place to waste time. :)

gusgreeper said...


[].ragko said...

I have read Stiff. not Spook.

I liked Stiff a lot. Though their were a few parts glossed over. (maybe material for a second)

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