Monday, June 28, 2010


Day to day life is a bumpy ride for the best of us. You have good days and you have days where shitting your pants would make you feel better. Sometimes you look at yourself and realize you are standing in a field of scorpions and you’re looking up at a couple clouds shaped like titties and you have to yell at yourself to “Get it together! We are in a whole lot of trouble here!” But then you look down at the field of scorpions and go “Oh shit” and then although you were perfectly safe a second ago and looking at titties now you’re in extreme danger and you start to react. First you scream… that puts all those ugly little fuckers on edge…. Then as they all look in your general direction you step backwards squarely on the claw of a big fucker who lets you know by sticking you with his little member of pain. You react to that, and you step on another which shoves it’s stinger right under your big toenail…. Did I mention you were naked? You start to fall stumbling toward a pile of twisted steel. You eyes can’t close even though there is all kinds of shit poking you in the eyes as you fall. All your friends and family are standing on the edges of the field and telling you to come to them but then talking about you behind your back whenever you turn to then the pretend to care…. You spin in place looking for safety. Then you see a little girl… You see the sunshine breaking through the clouds. She is sitting in the same field as you unaware that the scorpions are really dangerous at all. She is not asking anything of you she is ok with the scorpions. She loves you. And you can walk over and sit beside her… She shows you a flower she picked. It looks like a bleeding heart. But that bleeding heart is healed. The scorpions are still all around. There is calm there is peace. There is love. Then everything is fine again the scorpions return to their cave for a rest they have many more days to ruin.

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