Thursday, June 30, 2005

A quick exit leads to a hasty retreat. Meaning unheard. Thoughts a mess. Roaring through the darkened pathways of man, I see a form. Man dressed in silver, head a glow. Swerve left, avoidance. Many moments accumulate to one and tear from my mind to the back of my eyes. I feel the swell. The downpour is intense but short. Ends in sniffles. The lines of the road blur like the threads of reality. Sleep overcoming. Unsafe. Streetlights out on this block. Darkness hugs the gentle sleepers. The night breed out in full effect. Metropolis a mere shopping centre and a splash of neon. Light the sky with your gluttony. Turn home. Feelings diffused.

Eyes burn and nodding head fear for life.

Rolling the last strip with my eyes closed. It's ok I know this place.

Stumble to bed not unlike a common drunk. Drunk on sadness. Drunk on love.

Sleep comes easy now. Waking defines pain. Pain brings me inside. Nothing to give.


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Kafka said...

You really are onto something...

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