Monday, June 20, 2005


Three days ago my house was a cold place. Our deamon had vacated the lair, but the cold stench of darkness lingered. My 27th year was to bring with it new lightness, new possibilities, and new attitudes, so sK and I threw a celebration. Marked to be a tightening of a loose crowd. My friends, my family, and my loves coming together to bring peace to a tarnished household.

As the celebration grew and the guests arrived, I realized I was having a great time. Everyone else seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves and the party progressed. The night was beautiful and the fire was hot. The drinks poured and food was out. IN the end there were four of us. We raised the sun and brought in the new day with a salute and nod of the head.

Numb morning. Sleepless night. Best time ever. Thanks to all that came it was very special and has been stored to the memory banks. I will be at it again in a months time. PREPARE.

BTW expect to see some pictures this evening.

love yall.


digi said...

Hey if you let me upload the pictures I took to my Flickr you can link from there if you like...

digi said...


Kafka said...

Happy Birthday - sorry that I couldn't make it, but I was there in spirit. Cheers!


digi said...

Pics? :(

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