Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Is it Tuesday? . . .

Box of light. A mixture of nature and artificial. A column of Electro-magnetic fields rising to the heavens. Trinkets and knick knacks collected in days gone by. Stained coffee mug and two spoons. Simple living arrangements. Nothing to give the person inside away. That happens in you incessant flow of bull shit that comes from between your teeth.

Dust. Layers of it. Desktop has the virtual equivalent. Files collected into folders like 'dESKTOP sTUFF' and 'jkghl'.

There must be a way to escape. You can't be frozen.



digi said...

Speaking of RESET I've finally updated freaknob with some info. Did you get those pictures online from the weekend?

digi said...

Damn cool picture by the way!

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