Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Flight test

I am sitting here listening to “The flaming lips” and thinking about the concert. I have seen them a few times and really like them live.

The last time I saw them was at the Plaza of nations with my Ex girlfriend. The strange part is, my partner, was also there with her ex-boyfriend. For both of us it was our last "dates" (she would not call hers a date) with the respected people and both of us were looking around for whom really worked with us.

Is it possible that we saw each other? Checked each other out and in that casual and unnoticed handshake put in motion one of the greatest waves of single consciousness ever witnessed? Is it possible by having the same thing happen to us at the same time in two totally different mindsets had aligned us enough to make our meeting and our falling in love inevitable?

Both of us have claimed the night we met normally would have never happened. Up until that night I had never been to the location I met her. A friend of mine invited me down late to have a drink with him and his girl. Normally I would have refused to be a third wheel and hung up. But that day I was compelled. I joined them. Ad not long after I did I saw her. The girl of my dreams. The punk rock girl. There she was the woman who would have my baby. Little did I know she had already had my baby with another man (but I will get over that).

We spoke about everything and nothing. We danced to a favorite song. We kissed. We laughed. That is where love is born. Something called fate is in this story I just feel it.

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