Thursday, November 16, 2006

The ego is a terrible thing to waste.

I as some of you know am an avid reader of all works "Ekhart Tolle". For those of you less seasoned in the world of "self-help" and "self transformation" I introduce to you my messiah.

Now in reading his passages I extracted a very simple rule. In my words.

"Do not lament what was, don't anticipate what will be, and be happy with what is."

This is often difficult and no matter how enlightened you may be you know of a time when you allowed your egoic self to take over.

Now if there is one thing I have learned it is that ego is an extremilly predictable entity that has patters much stronger than our awakened self. In fact our awakened selves are without pattern.

But that being said, could your egoic mind be used as a tool? But could you while enlightened look into that which is your ego and play its part. Instead of destroying the ego why not harvest it's power.

Still thinking...