Friday, November 10, 2006

The madman missed but now he got it.

So I have now parted with the painting you saw in the previous post. What a strange experience. As an artist I have always found it difficult to be proud of my art. I have never been able to sell my art, or even give it away in most cases. Not because I don't want to part with it but more because it is self-quantifying and I feel a sense of humility or shame in my work.

So I took the bulls by the horns. I wanted to give one of my closest friend (you know him as digi) a good gift for his Life-start-day. I could not think of what I should do. Then I posted an image of one of my paintings here and if you look below he gave me the greatest compliment I have had yet about my art. Basically he would love to grace his wall with such an item. I was shocked and that day I decided it's his.

However I did not anticipate the emotions involved in baring your soul on canvas and then deeming it a Good gift. I felt horrible. Again not because the paint was leaving but because I felt I was assuming someone else would want it. Even with the compliment I still disbelieved.

Now it is in his hands. I am happy it has gone on to someone to enjoy but I still feel this pang (or should I say Tang) itching my ass.

Did I look a fool. Could I really be an artist? My fear is real but my thoughts know better.

So Digi, thank you for being my first. You took my artistic flower and made me appreciate my work in a different way. From someone else’s eyes.


digi said...

It looks magnificent on my wall. I didn't have a lot of time last night to properly study it but trust me I'll pick it apart. I hope to savour each detail as I will not only use the interesting data about it you've supplied (circumstances, symbology) but also reveal hidden meaning that you probably aren't even aware of.

For example, the moslty hidden base layer of cyan and chartreuse. You've tried to dominate it with the black but it's a very important component that refused to go quietly. The shell of darkness has been chosen as representation similar to your own personality. But there's a kindness behind the anger. The kindness coloured that of which one would paint a child's bedroom.

I could go on. And will. In time.

[].ragko said...

If only you knew what hides behind that blackness. You would be startled to learn how right you are.

I litterly have chills.

Who knew how enlightening the whole experience of
EXPRESS SUBDUE EXPRESS PASS ON could truely be. Thanks for the wonderful incite.

covert.c. said...

Art is never finished; only abandoned.

I believe that your piece posseses both expression and beauty, making it indeed a piece of creation worthy of any wall. Or is it the wall that's worthy?

Anyhow, good job. Lets all kiss.

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