Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snow Madness.

I have a sinister and evil plan. I am going to create sun focussing lenses and sell them to the eskimos(I know they are Inuit but I find that term offensive).

The eskimos can use these lenses to focus the sun on there nation and make it tropical. Then they can sit in their baby seal hot pants and poke out fish eyes, and laugh at us while we freeze in dirty snow.

They could start making grapefruits and watermelons and sell them to England. Then they will rule the world and praise me as their sirian lord.

I will call them my children and produce their throat singing albums for little or no cut to them.


Binsk said...

No the blog looking like it's being suck off of the monitor is not intentional!!

If you would like to help me that would be much appreciated.

HTML dude = hot (to bloggers at least)

張曼玉Lynn said...

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