Thursday, November 30, 2006

Take back the night

Take back the night
Originally uploaded by dragko.
We the breed own the night. We the breed vow to fight. We the breed feed on life. We the breed will bring you strife.

Blood covered eyes. Smell of flesh in tear. The sound of bones no longer connected. The smile that crosses my face when prey give up.


Binsk said...

Okay you are seriously freaking me out.

Like really.

What the????????

Scott Hughes said...

Take Back The Night is about reducing and hopefully ending violence against women.

Scott Hughes
Self-Defense, Safety, and Security Blog.

[].ragko said...

Thank you Scott, I am aware of the walks and the "Take back the night" campaign and please don't think I am mocking in anyway.

In fact not only am I in support of the end of violence against women I am a proud supported of the end of violence of all kinds. I am going to add you link to my blog roll.

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