Friday, September 24, 2010

Madness: Brandon Rhode, Ga. Death Row Inmate, Denied Delay in Execution Despite Suicide Try

ATLANTA (CBS/AP) A federal judge has refused to block tonight's scheduled execution of a Georgia death row inmate who attempted to commit suicide on Tuesday, the day he was originally to be put to death.
According to court filings, 31-year-old Brandon Joseph Rhode used a razor to slash his elbows and his neck, which caused him to go into traumatic shock. Authorities say Rhodes may have also suffered brain damage as a result of immense blood loss. -- Crimesider

Wow if this guy doesn't get a stay I will really question some other stay-age. I mean the guy is clearly going through sustained and grievous torture.
Rhode was stabilized after his attempt and he's since been put in a restraining chair to prevent him from pulling out the sutures on his neck or doing any other harm to himself, a state attorney said. -- Crimesider

Weather this man deserves death is not my issue it is preventing this man from executing his own 1st right as a human being.
Who cares how a monster is destroyed, least by his own hands the most cruel of all thy's executioners. - me just now

To restrain a man who almost died (and may have suffered brain damage mind you) to keep him alive to kill him is torture. For what. The families? The courts? Who benefits from this treatment of a being.

Let this man have his dignity and forget the stupid power struggle.

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