Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thought: What has higher consciousness really gotten us

Thinking strictly biologically higher consciousness seems to ensure our continued survival. It may have (barring unforeseen circumstance) gotten us past the “civilization” era and we may now be truly a system. We will likely be able to overcome most of what earth can throw at us and our only major threats to our kind come to us from space.
But if we look back through our own heritage although we can now live almost the extent of our biological maximum through the aid of technology no matter what card we are dealt.
For example: If a babies natural process of closing the hearts ventricles aren't happening correctly this can be detected during pregnancy.
The baby can be born with that defect which also signals there might be more defects. So for conversation sake let’s say the baby is born with a hole in it’s hear and a cleft pallet. As well as s twist in the spine. The babies heart is repaired in a fairly common surgery. And the cleft pallet is repaired over the next 10 years give or take. (I think you need to be into adolescence before they can begin bone grafts but don’t quote me on that). The spine thing is fixed more through physiotherapy rather than surgery so over the course of ten to 15 years the baby that likely would have died at birth or not long after would be able to grow up to be a normal adult human in almost every way. Except one really important way. Genetically.
Now I don’t want to sound like Hitler with cleansing hub bub (I know hub bub is not the right word maybe rhetoric is better) but it seems the human races goals to keep people alive might have at least SOME detrimental effects.
I am not trying to offend all those I would have died as a baby whiners, because I am all for modern medicine, and I think it is incredible that we can save people without skulls and shit like that. But if we look at it realistically it is likely not good for our race as a whole.
Now to save myself from being branded a bigot I will say however gay marriage (not that there is anything wrong with it) is wonderful, interracial coupling is amazing (not that I have tried it). And I really like people who get around even though the shouldn’t. Hey I even like homeless people. They are often quite funny.
So when we fly to the next earth we just need to keep in mind we are not as tuff as we used to be. We should have gone in the 50’s

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