Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Madness: 911 calls by father Adam and step-mother Elisa released

Police have released the 911 tape of Adam Baker calling 911 to report Zahra missing. As well they released the morning 911 call by Zahra's step mother reporting the fire in the yard. Both calls are available in part here.

First lets have a look at Elisa's call

When the 911 operator asks what the emergency is Elisa responds "My husband works for a tree maintenance company and our backyard is on fire."

Order of statement here is very important. Elisa reports first that Adam, her husband, works at a tree maintenance company. This is unnecessary information and therefore important to the callers state of mind. Now remember this is reporting the fire that brought the firefighters who eventually discovered the supposed ransom note.  At this time other then Elisa having direct knowledge of the ransom note (because she wrote it) would be unaware or it's content. She was already at that time setting up the story on record.

She later admitted to writing the note which instantly directly implicated her in either the disappearance itself or at least it's cover up. The confession as well as that first statement should be enough to prove that much.

Now as far as Adam's involvement at this time it can not be established other than Elisa stating he works for the tree company that she used as the fake ransom note. I would wounder how much Elisa knew about the boss prior to this event is it even possible for her to have details of the bosses children without Adam providing this information?

After the 911 operator asked her to repeat the statement she replies with my backyard is on fire. But then proceeds to again explain that they have mulch piles and wood piles as they sell firewood. Yet another piece of useless information you can tell that the 911 officer almost missed this as she was focus on the little girl rather than the workplace that doesn't matter.

There is no mention of the children in this call and it ends with the 911 dispatching the fire department.

The fire was extinguished and the Elisa and Adam apparently went about their day lounging in bed till just before 2pm.

The next call was by Adam Baker. When the operator picks up he starts the conversation with "Hey, how you doin?" now although most people ask a similar question when they call their buddies and it is interchangeable with hello. The casualness with the way he greets and asks for police I find quite eary. It almost seems he is making a token call and feels that way. Exasperation is present in his voice but not the type I would expect from a person reporting his daughter missing.

Adam then proceeds to tell the operator what he assumes happened.  This to me is the first very obvious red flag. Adam seems to want to tell the whole story rather then simply state my daughter is missing and let the police deal with the details. He seems ready to start spinning a story right away. This coupled with the knowledge that the note was a fake, leads me to believe at this point he is doing damage control as the plan didn't really roll out as first thought. He seems to be very interested in the fact that his bosses daughter was the target and he guesses they took his daughter instead by mistake.

What is the motive there. What were they trying to accomplish by misdirecting the police to the bosses house.

All I can think of is to avoid further questions like do you know anyone who would want to harm you or your family. By placing the blame on his bosses behavior it may make for less probing. Could there have been prior threats made against the boss and this was a botched attempt to frame someone? Only time and apparently Elisa baker will tell.  Since the initial report and the confession Elesa Baker has been locked up for offenses that initially seem unrelated. This is a common practice by law enforcement and until Elesa confessed was their only means of separating the two lead persons of interest. Once in jail it seems Elisa started to talk as the investigation started taking clearly defined twists. Placing them all over the area and performing searches, all of which turned up nothing. Guilty parties will often turn on their cohort in crime when faced with punishment so I believe at this time Elisa turned on her hubby and began implicating him and lead them on a wild goose chase to establish doubt in her involvement. But as is shown in the Casey Anthony goose chance the lies begin to mount.  At this time as Elisa was fighting to keep her lies straight is likely when she confessed to writing the note. The police may have tried a tactic claiming that Adam was talking and if there is any thing she wanted to change in her statement. Her confessions puts her on the peripheral of the crime. It in no way implicates her for murder, only obstruction and potentially a cover up of a crime. By no means as bad an offense as the actual murder.

Adam remains out of jail at this time. There simply is no sign of Zahra.

Now I look back through this mess and I see one recurring element and that is Adam's workplace. I think the truth will be found there.  There is a reason that it was important to establish this as a disgruntled employee. Evidence is hard to get around unless there is another possible reason said evidence exists. If there is evidence at the workplace it was put there by the disgruntled employee not Adam.

When we look at the fire and it's possibility of destroying evidence and we look at the response by Adam and Elesa we can see that the crime likely did not happen at the house. The body is around either the home or the workplace.  But something is. Or someone is.

Adam is too willing to allow investigators in. He wanted them to see there was no sign of abuse. No sign of anything wrong. He wanted to make sure they thought the leg had been stolen as that would delay thoughts that the girl was in fact murdered as why would a murderer take a leg for someone they intended to kill.  The leg will be found Zahra wont for a very long time.

I think the leg will be found around the disgruntled employee's stomping ground. The body (or whats left of it) sometime later buried around a work-site.

The problem is even once the remains are recovered I have a hard time believing evidence will be there unless it is planted in someway.

These people planned this cover-up for a long time and fortunately it went off wrong and the suspects are probably caught. Trial will be difficult on the prosecutors if they can't find some sort of forensic evidence beyond decomp-dogs hitting and a confession of a fake note.  Elesa is a thief and a con artist so this is likely money driven and possibly an extortion attempt.

I hope for the sake of the rest of the family they can find it in their hearts to stop parading in front of the media taunting the social services with I told you so comments as if there was the type of thing going on in the home that is now being reported that puts them at the bottom of the barrel in my books. Equally if not more responsible for the death of this darling child as they supposedly have the wherewithal to know the situation was bad and they think calling social services is enough?

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