Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Madness: Zahra Baker's life of madness

The last 4 days have been insane in the breaking case against Elisa Baker aka E’leas. aka gothicfairy6668 @ myspace.

Zahra only reported missing on Saturday is already a full blown murder investigation. Although it seems the little girl has been missing for as much as a month. This crime was poorly covered up and due to that will be a fairly simple case in court. But as this story has only grown stranger with every hour I am sure there is much more to come.

Zahra was only 10, she was a beautiful little girl. An alleged early life battle with cancer left her a prosthetic leg from the knee down and damaged her hearing. She could hear some with help of hearing aids. But in every picture I see a smiling little kid not someone suffering.

But completely out of her control it seems she was forced to live in some pretty vile conditions. This little girl has survived cancer and overcome hearing problems only to have her family do something so horrendous to her it requires a fucking cadaver dog to smell a wood chip pile. Are you fucking kidding me? It is pretty obvious what has happened there and it is disgusting.

Apparently 50 police officers have been combing the another property on Harland road in Burke County. This property is used to store heavy equipment owned by a tree trimming business. Hey guess who worked there? Adam Beat ‘a’Baker. The have lots of equipment everything from a back hoe to a cadaver dog friendly wood chipper along with the pile it produced. I hope that poor dog really loved playtime for having to hit on that! Now before any defense quack call unreliable. It is not about reliability at this point it is building a drama. That drama that took place is like something you cannot imagine.

So whenever this terrible crime was committed. We know when the cover up was implemented. (real poorly at that).

Early Saturday morning 5:30 am there is a call to the fire department about a brush fire on the Baker property. Obviously the vehicle was intended to burn as well as it had been doused in gasoline. But that failed to ignite.

There was a ransom note (which Elisa claims she wrote) on the windshield of the vehicle also intended to be found by law enforcement and make a kidnapping story out of it. There were intentional mistakes made in the letter in a lame attempt to throw off the scent farther.

The fire was to destroy evidence that much is now clear.

Now I get to the very sad part.

Quotes from the family and friends/neighbors;
"[Elisa is a] pathological liar and a hypochondriac”. Said Elisa’s sister.

"She brought her daughter around in a wheelchair saying she had leukemia," said Elisa’s father. Apparently claiming she was dying but she never got sick.

"They kept Zahra locked in the bedroom all day, every day," said Baird

"I just think this was something for a long time that we knew was going to happen, everybody that was close to the family," Bentley a nephews wife "[she] was locked in her room, allowed five minutes out a day to eat, that was it, She was beat almost every time I was over there for just the smallest things. Elisa would get mad, she would take it out on Zahra, things the kid didn't deserve. She just had a horrible home life."

"There were warning signs along the way, but you never want to think the worst," said former neighbor Kayla Rotenberry.

As well A neighbor (Bost) stated Baker's lived here, they never mentioned a daughter. "I didn't even know that she existed. I mean I've never seen her and I never heard him mention her or anything like that,” Bost said.

So it seems this madness was a long time coming but I find it very sad that the entire family and people around them knew of the abuse and did nothing for the poor girl. At least now with the lights shut of no one can hurt her again.

These terrible parents, who have done a terrible thing, did not just become terrible. They have long histories of terribleness. But this atrocious crime is something that will go down in history as another failed life brought on by a society that puts themselves before others and thinks only of the moment and wont wake up and realize it has made a monster until it is too late.

This poor little girl should have made a difference in life. Hopefully she can make a difference in death instead.


[].ragko said...

Sorry for the typo in the spelling of Zahra name in the title. As you all know spelling is not part of my MO.

[].ragko said...

I added a link to the suspects myspace account.

sandy said...

As a former long term resident of Columbia, South Carolina and Robeson, North Carolina I am familiar with a few such, very horrible cases of child homicide. Brought up on fringe of Fort Jackson, I am familiar with cases that created Boogey Man Nightmares for Midlands children and adults alike. Roach, Shaw, Maffney, Bell, Gaskins and Susan Smith all generated a level of fear high enough to cause night lights to be left on and under beds checked nightly.
That quick reaction by the Sheriff in the North Carolina county, teaches a lesson that Sheriff's in other counties would do well to learn. As in the Susan Smith case, after her boys were supposedly car jacked the local law enforcement kept the pressure on her. In the recent situation Elisa Baker was arrested within a day, and kept in the county jail. Yes, the charges were all non-related to the missing child case, but, kept her away from the media whores like Nancy Grace and Geraldo. The original charges on Mrs. Baker, were related to check fraud, and bald tires on her car. What ever it takes to get her to a spot where she be processed and keep her out of the lime light. But too, it keeps her from being able to communicate with any others that may have been involved and from further hampering the case by destroying more evidence. Perhaps, if law enforcement in Satsuma, Florida had moved faster to get Misty Croslin out of the spot light, then a resolution may have been met by now in the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings. Same to boot for Casey Anthony in her daughters disappearance.

[].ragko said...

Sandy, thanks for the comment. I agree that putting Elisa behind bars and now having Adam behind bars as well is a great move on the sheriffs part. It was clear they attempted to cover it up (even if they didn't commit the crime) and therefore stopping anymore attempts needs to be priority.

Paternal and Maternal homicide happens every day somewhere in the world. The thing that gets to me about each case is these aren't boogie men to the children. They are their parents and I can not imagine a scarier thought then having the person who promised there was no such thing as monsters, turn into one.

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