Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thought: Where did Adam Baker go on Saturday?

By his own words Adam admitted to leaving the property at around 11am and returning at 1pm, prior to "discovering" and reporting Zahra missing. He claims he went to "check on a job". What job, where? No one knows.

Now knowing that Elisa was the author of the ransom note exposes that there was obviously a plan to make her disappearance look like a kidnapping, which directly implicates, at least Elisa at that point, in the actual disappearance.

But where did Adam go. Checking on a job on a Saturday is quite normal for a tree trimming service as a lot of the work these companies do happen outside of business hours so that is not to strange.

But couple that with the fact that his statement inconsistencies sort of implicate him as well in at least the cover up. In the 911 tapes he claims to have just got up. But we know he left the property so you would think the statement would be I just got back. But at that point he didn't want anyone to know he had left. Why?

Evidence disposal, or better yet planting.

The way this plan seems have been laid out is as a framing. Adam has a grudge. The obviously not anonymous kidnapper aka disgruntled employee, is to specific for there not to be a plan to frame someone. If you implicate someone at your place of work there had better be some evidence or eventually they will have you.

So did Adam Baker leave with evidence? Yes. Did he leave with the leg? I absolutely think so. In my opinion the leg has been deposited somewhere where it will implicate someone else. I wonder who was working at the job he went to check on. Those people better be ready to be witnesses in a pretty big case.

If Adam new nothing about the plan to get rid of Zahra why wouldn't he have checked on his daughter he loves so much when he discovers the plan to kidnap his bosses daughter. I know that even when children are kidnapped miles away it makes me pause and just need to see my daughter to make sure everything is ok.

I would also do this if there was a fire on my property. Just let her know if she was awake everything was fine. I mean this guy was having a pretty fucked up day and I would think you would want to hug you loved children prior to going to check on a job. But hey, everyone’s different.

I don't know what happened to Zahra or when it happened. But I do know that Adam and Elisa tried and failed to cover it up. So in my books they are as good as gone.

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