Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Madness: Zahra Baker's step brother makes a statement to media and a little response from me

Dear everyone,
I would first like to personally thank all those who have and are continuing to helping locate Zahra Baker and i ask that everyone continue to please support my family during this difficult time.

Due to the fact i am still gathering facts right now i am unable to make any comment on anything regarding Zahra Baker as well as my mother Elisa Baker. I would also like to ask that everyone please respect my families privacy during this difficult and stressful time.

Once all the facts have been gathered i will issue another statement but until then i will refrain from saying anything else. Once again please keep Zahra Baker in your prayers and thanks to everyone who is helping.

Douglas Proctor

Douglas Proctor,

The request for privacy is a bit laughable. I don't think your family will feel warm and fuzzy for a long time.

Douglas, I feel your pain it must be pretty alarming for this to just happen to someone. My problem with this is this did not just "happen" this has been a long time coming and where were you when your step sister obviously needed your help.

I understand you're ashamed of what you have not done but an plea for privacy is ridiculous. Your family has had too much privacy and this horrendous crime was allowed to happen. I suggest you distance yourself from your mother as this is your opportunity to escape her finally. Take it. Do yourself a favor.


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