Thursday, April 15, 2010

Doctor's are a mans only true comfidant

When you visit your doctor in a honest and open fashion you end up building a trusting relationship that doesn't pass judgement nor make you feel worse about yourself that is rare in this world very few people try to look through the layers that make everyone human to really see the person hiding under there. For someone who is obese a doctor sees a person wrapped in an unhealthy mask. For someone struggling with mental illness he puts your being back together in his/her mind to see the benchmark a person needs to maintain. My doctor is very special a genius and someone who has always motivated me to become what I can be not what a thought I was. Peace be with everyone who feels alone go find a great doctor and take on lifes challenges with a partner. Oh and try to make it fun too.

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digi said...

I have a different relationship with my doctor. I don't really like her so I don't get sick.

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