Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I am easily distracted

Where was I? Oh yeah I am easily distracted. It's not shiny things really. It is just things. everything distracts me. But the most distressing "thing" to me is nothing. Empty space is distracting. Soundless moments, somewhat off putting. Like when a hum finally goes away.

That all being said I am also easily frustrated.

This is really bad since I am often frustrated, by, in-fact, being distracted. Which in turn causes another distraction... and you get the picture.

Distractions are a loss of control. They are minor losses but your mind perceives them as a chaotic moment... especially if your brain was on a roll. It is somewhat akin to a train wreck coming out of that.

Well this simple trick has helped me more than I can even understand.

I simply write on the top of a note page


Then I put 5 check boxes, leaving space for later.

As my day goes on. I can as I get distracted check a box and here is the magic. Write a little anecdote about the moment. Soon I found myself resisting distractions simply because the really sneaky ones are the most fun.

For instance, had this one today.

Had conversation with colleague proclaiming I wasn't into all that hippy hogwash.

Made me laugh... I guess you had to be there.

You get the point. All of a sudden I am in control of OTHER peoples distractions. And that is self mentalististic if you ask me.

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