Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Three days no coffee

So three days into caffiene withdrawl my headache is finally subsiding. My digestion is almost back to normal and my appetite is returning. To top it off I am no longer peaking out come 2 pm. My sleep is still pretty shakey but dealing with the other issue will likely help that along.

All in all I feel like the lack of caffiene is the one I feel physiclly the most the rest of my cuts are purely in my head. I want to smoke up just to be able to sit and think. I want to drink to unwind after a long day. I am trying to find other sources of calm but unfortunately have been only partly successful.

I definatly don't want to be this guy. But BC med is making me. So here is where I am facing my vices. Take it from me it is harder than you think.

Location:Hazelbridge Way,Richmond,Canada

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