Wednesday, October 19, 2005


The last few posts have been nothing but seriousness. Now onto lighter topics.


I like bread. I don't remember the first time I had bread but I am sure I was like "Wow this stuff is good!"

I had some bread last night it was really good. I put a bit to much garlic in the butter which made me feel kind of ill but I got over it.

Bread is also a word for money. I also like money so you can say I like bread in both ways.

Jesus liked bread. He broke bread with his friends. I need to break more bread. Then I will have people in the future eating plastic bread in grand buildings devoted to me.

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gusgreeper said...

i like my bread with peanut butter.

FYI: ALL your posts have been a pleasure to read lately (as if they aren't always though). i really enjoy reading what you put up here, it evokes lots of thought and feelings. kick ass job mate.

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