Thursday, October 27, 2005

Emotional discharge

There is an interesting symptom of the state of mind I have been in for few weeks.  I go to sleep ok relatively happy and feeling somewhat secure.  I wake up upset confused and insecure.  I know my brain has a tendency to feed me crap in my sleep.  I think this is the issue.  The strange part is I have no recollection of the torture it caused me.  This for me is odd I usually remember most of my evening, not mind the morning dreams.  I wonder sometimes if the issue is that I have stopped dreaming.  I wonder what the effect would be on a person who has spent there life dreaming and thinking through the night suddenly not doing so.  Could this cause this slightly empty feeling?  Or is it that I am having my usual Ego based dreams and forgetting them.

Or is it simply I go to bed in a euphoric state because I have the skin of my love beside me and I feel shitty leaving that warm comfortable place.

A number of things to think about.

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