Thursday, October 06, 2005

Daily review

You look horrible

That’s my review today.  Every morning I have a plethora of people come to my desk and snicker and give me a review on my current state.  Two today.  Horrible and sketchy.  That’s nice.  I am glad I can bring to the workplace a feeling of such.  I feel ruff but horrible is a gross overstatement.  

So my new feature Daily review.

I will keep you posted.

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Kafka said...

You can take that one of two ways.

Either you are attempting to cultivate a roughhewn persona and it is they who are failing because they just don't "get it".

Or, you DO look indeed horrible and you need to pay attention to these people and clean up a bit.

Maybe its a little of both.

Remember that you've agreed to show up wearing clothes, as is convention in our world. So you may as well go the little exta and admit that defying convention by wearing something freaky is actually a bit of a sham. Uniform unconformity for the sake of it is still conformance, through and through. Your views may differ, but thats just my opinion.

As an aside, I've always found it interesting that the very same people that make little snide comments about your appearance or composure take GREAT offense when the same is eventually directed back at them. I had a girl tell me recently, "Oh wow, you really do look pale" (after a series of late nights working). I *almost* replied, "Thanks, you're looking a little plumper." Thats a battle I'd lose no matter what the justification. :-)

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