Thursday, October 13, 2005

Daily review #2

Now I am aware these have not quite been daily, but I have got a few today worth mentioning.

"You look tired."

"You look terrible."

And my personal favorite.

"What happened?"

That one spells it out. Do I really look like something traumatic happened? My hair is a mess I have bags under my eyes and I smell of something.

Kafka. I heard your word last time so this time let try a bit nicer approach. :)


Kafka said...

Dragko - please accept my apologies, as my comments were predicated on the belief that you were trying to look however you look. I'm so sorry for giving offense. :-(

Anyhow, no advice is really appropriate other than to merely observe that you're probably stuck in the trough between the ebb and flow of good vibes. Time heals, exercise quickens. Peace, brotha....

[].ragko said...

Don't you worry, I was never offended. Just foolin you foo.

Sweet tits.

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