Friday, October 21, 2005

Captain Destructor Day

So here I am.  Walking through my day by 10 I had dealt with an idiot loan shark trying to get me to get a loan through this moronic company.  Poorly I will add.

By 11 I had possibly destroyed at least two relationships, both business, both personal.

By 1 I had dealt with a crack head yelling expletives at my partner, and having no way to protect her.

By two I dealt with the fact that through dealing with all this I have neglected the work I need to get done.

Plus un top of all that, I am involved in a project with a bunch of imbeciles that can't figure out that they made mistakes in the project that have cost us all valuable time.

I have decided today October 21, is Captain Destructor day.  Where will I be by the time the sun sets.

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